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Change the background of photos

Transform your photos in a click by changing the background. Remove distracting backgrounds or replace the setting with a quick backdrop change, while keeping your subjects intact.

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How to change photo background

Change the image background to set the scene

Edit your photo background with BG Remover

The background may not be the focus of an image, but it gives context to the photo. Use our photo background changer tool to put the perfect backdrop for your subject. From a blank white canvas to solid colors to themed patterns, quickly transform your photos and create powerful images. Try it once for free, then sign up for Canva Pro for unlimited usage.

Spotlight the subject with Background Remover

Use Background Remover to erase backdrop

Don’t let a messy background distract viewers from your subject. Use the premium Background Remover(opens in a new tab or window) to erase the backdrop, leaving the subject. To put a new background, just upload your image or get a free stock photo from our library. Add it to your image and voila, you have revamped your photo.

Switch up the vibe with Magic Grab

Use Magic Grab to isolate the subject

Not quite happy with your current image background and composition? Save yourself the hassle of reshooting. Instead, use Magic Grab to isolate the subject and the background, so you can edit both. You can change the background by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and more. Or upload a completely different image and add it as a new background. Want to add stunning portraits? Canva's AI portrait generator(opens in a new tab or window) will visualize your descriptions in seconds.

Enjoy smarter and easier post-processing

Create an AI-generated photo background using Magic Edit

Say goodbye to tedious selecting, masking, and copy-pasting your image layers. Whether you’re editing product photos, catalog pictures, or professional headshots, you can easily change the image’s background to suit your needs. Plus, you’ll get the perfect photo with AI editing tools(opens in a new tab or window) that make complex edits simple.

How to change photo background

How to change photo background

Open Canva or pull up our mobile app to access our free photo editor.

Upload the photo with a background you want to change.

Select Edit photo. Then choose the premium BG Remover to delete the background completely, so you can add a new one. Or choose Magic Grab to edit the background.

Add your final touches to the photo using photo filters, photo effects, or AI photo editing tools.

Happy with the new background of your photo? Download the photo as a high-resolution file or share it online via email or social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use BG Remover to erase the background, so you can upload a new image and use it as the backdrop. If you don’t have a new background yet, you can browse images from our free stock photo library.

Download our free desktop or mobile app to change the background of images in an instant. In addition to the photo background changer tools, you also have access to AI photo editing features that make post-processing a breeze.

Check out our stock photo library for free, high-quality images you can use as a new background for your shots.
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