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Flip Images to Get a Perfect Shot

Transform your photo from a simple snap to a work of art using Canva’s free image flip tool. Flip your image horizontally or vertically, then download or share online.

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How to flip an image

Flip images in a few simple clicks

Flip Image Feature

Spent hours trying to nail the perfect shot but not quite happy with how it turned out? Simply flip the image to make it more interesting. Flip vertically to create an upside-down image that will spice up your design. Or flip the image horizontally to achieve a mirror effect(opens in a new tab or window). Upload your photo on Canva, and give it a go.

Edits as minor as a mirror flip on an image don’t have to be a complicated affair—and we make sure it stays that way.

Tell a story with flip imaging

Flip Image Feature

Flipping images online isn’t just about making quick edits. It’s also a way to add graphic pizzaz to your presentations, newsletters, and marketing campaigns. After all, a simple flip can better express a photo’s intended story. Flip an image horizontally to place the photo elements left to right. This creates a natural flow to direct the viewer’s eyes. Looking for something more dramatic and surreal? Flip an image vertically to draw in viewers and leave them searching for clues.

Polish to perfection

Flip Image Feature

All that’s left after you flip and mirror your image is to add final touches. Explore Canva’s intuitive, easy-to-use editor and see what else you can do. Resize or crop(opens in a new tab or window) your image to fit your photo collage, or add fun filters and effects(opens in a new tab or window) to create an Instagram-worthy shot. Once you’re satisfied with your work, immediately share it on your socials or add them to your existing design project.

How to flip an image

How to flip image

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