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Breathe life into a still image with photo animation

Only have a few seconds to get your audience’s attention? Make it count. Animate a photo for free using Canva’s online photo editor and transform static images into vibrant, eye-catching visuals.

Move audiences to action

Animate your photos

Engage viewers right away with dynamic displays that jump out of their screens. Use animated photos to your advantage and keep your audience from scrolling away. Make your image pop, tumble, rise, or fade in seconds with Canva's free online photo animator. Want people to buy your product on social media? Or discover your artistic work through a digital portfolio? Animated photos might be the key. Produce stunning visual content with our feature-rich photo editor and ensure your messages are received in their entirety.

Set your creative wheels in motion

Add stickers to your animated photos

Swap out boring, static photos with moving visuals that instantly make your content more appealing. From subtle swipes to exaggerated motions, animate photos for free on Canva and tell the story of your creative work. Style your product shot with a simple pan, make photo objects smoothly drift away, cartoon(opens in a new tab or window), or apply cool and fun stickers(opens in a new tab or window) for a playful take on your family picture. Animating photos doesn’t have to be a tiresome process—do it and more with our photo editor, no design background or complex software required.

Communicate with impact

Add animated texts to your photos

Compelling and bite-sized content is perfect for today's fast-paced digital world. Pair kinetic photos with animated text(opens in a new tab or window) to share more details in quick, digestible bursts that your audience can easily remember. Make your words pop by rolling, bouncing, or zooming text elements in your design, and use it to highlight keywords and communicate a message. Whether creating a dynamic graphic for your brand or simply adding flair to an otherwise plain image, experiment with different animation styles on Canva and generate a moving image that looks good across all your social and digital channels.

How to animate a photo

How to animate a photo
Animate a photo

Animate a photo

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I don’t know where I was without @canva They have absolutely great graphics for any social media platform. Whether it be a YouTube thumbnail, an Instagram Post or whatever you want to create. Let @canva make the design process easier for you.


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