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Transform your story ideas into epic cartoons. Create relatable cartoon characters with our free Character Builder(opens in a new tab or window) and make them come alive with animation. With Canva’s free cartoon video maker, you’ll quickly take your tale from the storyboard to the screen.

Add a creative spin to your storytelling

It’s one thing to catch your audience’s attention; it’s another to keep it. With attention spans getting shorter, you need to keep them interested from start to finish. And a fun cartoon video will do just the trick.

Retelling a fairy tale? Sharing your brand’s history? Offering a how-to guide? Whether it’s a simple story or a complex topic, creating a cartoon will keep your audience captivated. Use our Character Builder to create a custom cartoon character that your viewers will love. Construct a compelling cartoon world with our free media library and animate your scenes through custom motion paths or animation effects. Use our cartoon animation maker to express your creativity and speak to your audience in a medium that fascinates and informs.

How to make a cartoon video

Make a cartoon

Launch Canva. Search for a cartoon video template or start a video from scratch.

Click Character Builder on the left panel to make your own cartoon character. Select custom features for their head, face, and body. Choose your preferred hair and skin color, too. Fix your character’s placement in the layout. You can also look for pre-made characters in our free media library.

Build the cartoon scenery. Upload your visuals or browse our media library for backgrounds and illustrations. Place your design elements in the layout. Then, change the text with your title and story captions. Try other color palettes to find one that best suits your cartoon world.

To add a motion path animation, select a character or element, then click Animate on the top toolbar. Drag the element to apply a custom motion path. Alternatively, choose from any of the pre-made animation styles. If you have a voiceover, upload and synch it with your cartoon.

Play back your cartoon video to check its content and pacing. Once you’re happy with your cartoon, save it in MP4 format.
Make a cartoon

Give your audience memorable characters

Ever wonder how kids remember their favorite cartoon characters so vividly? That’s the power of a compelling character. Their relatability immerses viewers into the story and keeps them excited for the next chapter.

Help learners take in and remember information with a custom character they can connect with. Make your own cartoon character for free with our Character Builder. Assign physical features, from the skin color to facial expression to hair style. Let your new character be an accurate representation of your audience as they move through your story and learn along the way. You could also browse our media library for adorable cartoon characters like a paw-some dog or a friendly robot. Whether you’re making cartoon videos for a lesson, how-to demo, or training module, our cartoon maker helps you build lovable characters.

Use animation for riveting storytelling

Make your characters move with our rich animation options. Use the Create an Animation tool to make original motion path animations for any character or element in your story. Just drag your character, and the video editor will record the movement. Make your superhero fly across the sky. Make a ball bounce on a soccer field. Or make a cartoonified planet move around the sun. Adjust the animation speed to pace the story, or make your storytelling(opens in a new tab or window) more compelling with Canva’s AI.

If you don’t want custom motion paths, there are also pre-made animation options. Make your narrator pop, rise, fade, or drift across the page. Make your subject tumble or stomp into view. Make your cartoon characters “talk” using speech balloons from the media library. Make other background elements move, too.

Even for straightforward topics like a how-to or explainer, you can create a cartoon that will make your content engaging.

Set the scene in a complete cartoon world

Animators know the importance of world-building and how it makes a narrative feel more real. That’s why when you make a cartoon video, pay special attention to the details in the background.

Don’t worry if you’re not an animation pro. You can create a credible cartoon world using our massive media library. Find photos and graphics to build a fictional cartoon environment based on your storyboard. Use picturesque landscapes, fairy tale forests, city skylines, or colorful classrooms. Add more details like illustrations of flowers, books, and cars. You can also draw(opens in a new tab or window) your own clouds, star, or doodle—your imagination is the limit.

Set the mood by customizing the color palette. Use any of Canva’s color suggestions or individually replace the hues of selected elements. You can also add a voiceover or background music to set the scene. Check our audio library for music tracks, then use the premium Beat Sync tool to automatically sync your cartoon video to the beat.

With Canva’s cartoon creator, it’s super easy to make a cartoon for any video project.


You can easily make your own cartoon character with our free Character Builder. Click this app on the left panel and choose a head, face, and body for your custom character. You can change their hair color and skin tone, too.

Our free mobile app includes all the awesome animation tools for your cartoon-making needs. Just download our app, and you can customize our cartoon video templates and add high-quality graphics from our media library. The app also gives you access to our Character Builder, Create an Animation tool, and other animation options.

Our free mobile app includes all the awesome animation tools for your cartoon-making needs. Just download our app, and you can customize our cartoon video templates and add high-quality graphics from our media library. The app also gives you access to our Character Builder, Create an Animation tool, and other animation options.

Cartoons are a dynamic way of telling a story through a combination of text and visuals. Instead of presenting blocks of text, you can make a cartoon that appeals to your audience. Relay information with visual cues like your characters’ facial expressions and the color palette. Add speech balloons and thought bubbles, and you deliver a story or a lesson in a way that keeps your audience engaged all throughout.
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