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Float your brainstorming ideas around a central concept using bubble maps. Connect bubbling themes to one another and get creative with visual elements and free templates from Canva Whiteboards.
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Create a bubble map online

Deep dive into a particular concept or widen your vocabulary with terms related to a main idea. Create a bubble map to connect and associate each idea or data with one another. Use visual elements such as circle shapes, lines, and even images and icons to map out your ideas. Canva Whiteboards lets you design and collaborate on our online bubble map maker with free templates and amazing tools.

Infinite space made for unlimited ideas

Professionally designed templates to fast-track your workflow

Share and ideate with anyone, anytime, on any device

Run a workshop with whiteboard elements, sticky notes, and a timer

Embed your bubble map in Docs, presentations, and more easily

Easy online whiteboard tools and data visualization

How to make a bubble map

How to make a bubble map
Make a bubble map(opens in a new tab or window)

Open Canva on your desktop or mobile and search for “Bubble Map” to start a whiteboard design.

Find a bubble map design you can customize from our collection of free bubble map templates or start from a new design. Select a bubble map example and match it with your theme or style.

Start bubble mapping with a central concept or noun, and keep the brainstorming bubbles floating around. They can be descriptive adjectives, synonyms, supporting data, or related themes.

Use circle shapes for bubbling ideas and map them out with Quick Flow. Organize each word and modify lines, arrows, colors, and fonts. Visualize further with images, icons, or Text to Image.

Add more ideas with your team onboard to leave comments and sticky notes. Share and present your bubble diagram as a presentation, embed it on other designs or download it in PNG or JPG.
Make a bubble map(opens in a new tab or window)

What is a bubble map?

A bubble map is a great visual tool for learning and brainstorming. It’s a thinking map that works by describing a main concept or idea in a central bubble, usually a noun. You use lines to connect the central topic with more bubbles of adjectives or related concepts. From there, you can map out and visualize the relationships, associations, and parallels between terms and ideas. It’s especially helpful in planning out reports, essays, and even building stories.

Why use bubble maps?

Bubble Maps overview

Let great ideas simmer and float around you like bubbles. Harness them in a bubble map that deep dives into a specific concept. Whether it's for brainstorming on a project or working on a story, bubble maps can expand on a topic or word and bring clarity to a concept.

Start with a central concept and let your bubbling ideas hover around it. Connect related ideas like you do when you’re building vocabulary for a word, outlining notes, developing an ad copy, or recalling key concepts at work or school.

Float ideas with bubble maps

Use whiteboard graphics to design your Bubble Maps

Design a bubble map diagram online to organize and grow your ideas. See yourself expanding your vocabulary, enhancing your short story’s world-building, or brainstorming for a project through a central concept. It’s easy to come up with a brilliant bubble map design. With Canva Whiteboards, you can start with free templates and customize them with new and easy-to-use tools and features.

Burst of design elements to use

Drag and drop elements in Bubble Maps designs

If art or design isn't your greatest strength, don’t let that fear burst your bubble of creating bubble maps. Canva’s library of shapes, colors, fonts, icons, and images makes it easy to hit the ground running. Swap some text with icons that can represent ideas. You can even drag and drop images into circular frames. Take brainstorming further with Draw(opens in a new tab or window) or custom prompts that turn Text to Image(opens in a new tab or window).

Connect your bubbling ideas

Use whiteboard graphics to style your Bubble Maps

A bubble map is an intuitive visualization tool in the way it mimics our natural thought process. From a central concept, branch out to more ideas using a shape’s Quick Flow or find arrows and connectors in our library to visualize each bubble’s interconnection. While bubble size is often the most important attribute, bubbles may also be defined by their color, position, and text description.

Collaborate with your team

Share your Bubble Maps  and collaborate in real time

Since bubble maps can be used in brainstorming ideas for reports or papers, you can invite teammates or colleagues to jump in with their own ideas. Share a design link with your team and run a workshop on your bubble map design anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with ease on its infinite canvas, set up a timer, leave sticky notes and comments, and present your bubble map in full view.

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“When it came to design reports, Canva had a wide variety of simple easy to use templates that allowed me to easily plug in my graphs and information, and helped me to focus on the actual content instead of spending hours and hours on design.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bubble maps help in brainstorming ideas for work, school, or even when you simply want to center and organize your personal thoughts. Since it’s a thinking map used heavily to describe a specific topic, bubble maps facilitate better critical thinking, creativity, comprehension, and even vocabulary. Use our online whiteboard tools and features to create a bubble map when you’re taking notes and resources, writing stories, essays, or ad copy, preparing reports, and more.

A double bubble map is another type of thinking map that aims to highlight similarities and differences of two central topics. This diagram aids students, teachers, and professionals in organizing data logically based on their similarities and differences. From there, they are able exercise their skills in comparing and contrasting data.

Use a double bubble map to compare and contrast ideas. Our online whiteboard tools and features can help you make a double bubble map. Start by adding two central topics in the canvas. Connect the central bubbles with middle bubbles that display their similarities. Outward bubbles will talk about their differences.

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