13 brilliant ideas for your next social media posts

Brilliant ideas for your social media post

With endless color and graphic design options, Canva is here to help boost your social media profile to new heights. Using the inspiration below—and a few clicks in Canva—watch engagement increase with every post. Read on for some easy social media ideas you can use this year.

While social media is known for its infinite marketing potential, it’s also just a great way to connect with your followers and show them who you are. Whether it’s a quick status update on Facebook or an Instagram post that captivates, there is a lot of power in a “like” or comment when it comes to growth on these platforms.

If you’re low on inspiration, in this article, we’ve collected some of the best ideas we see brands use on their own social media profiles and delve into how you can get them for yourself. See below for 13 of our favorite ideas.

1. Inspire your audience with quotes

01 Girlboss quote

Girlboss uses bold colors for their inspiration quotes

Chances are, if you need a little inspiration, your audience does too. Online publication Girlboss has fast become a go-to destination for content that inspires. Part of this social media success on Instagram is through the use of bold colors and strong graphics. There’s nothing like a quick quote to get you out of a Monday slump, right?

There's always a template available for your quote. Try the Lavender Photo Summer Quotes Instagram Post or the White Classic Great Outdoors Quote Instagram Post.

2. Define your focus using Facebook covers


Use Facebook covers to create a statement that your brand stands for

Facebook covers are a great way to show who you or your brand is. Fast. If you create a bold banner, the user will instantly become aware of what sets you apart from competitors. Above, Refinery29 has designed a colorful, strong Facebook cover that makes a statement. You can create your own statement-making Facebook Cover in just a few minutes in Canva.

Use the Fresh Pizza Facebook App or Marble Contest Steps Facebook App to style up your Facebook cover.

3. Poll your followers on Instagram stories

Instagram stories poll

Use polls on Instagram stories to know what your followers think

More than ever before, social media is a great tool to get direct feedback on what your audience wants. With the addition of Instagram Polls, you’re able to not only interact with them but also see what they’re interested in.

4. Create a Twitter banner


Twitter banners can help promote events, contents, or anything your brand is focusing on

Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to add a banner to your account. Why not use this opportunity to make one like your Facebook banner, or promote your key hashtag for the month? Since it takes up so much screen real estate, it’s important to make sure you have an on-brand tile that represents you.

Use your Twitter header to make a statement with Spoonfuls of Seeds Twitter Header or Urban in Motion Twitter Header

5. Don’t be afraid to use similar images within your feed


Using the same image in different places can help drive home your message

The truth is, sometimes you can say more with an image than you can with words. Lululemon is a brand that focuses on image-heavy posts and simple text to promote new product and initiatives. Above, the brand has used images from the same shoot in different places to promote its latest outerwear. And while the colors, themes and models all look the same, you can clearly see how they serve different purposes. The good news is: Canva makes resizing one image for different social media pictures really simple.

6. Use trending topics to inform what you post

I am well and good IG

Using trending topics on your posts can help you gain traction

Celebrations like #InternationalYogaDay, #InternationalDayOfHappiness and #WorldGraphicDesignDay are all opportunities to attract new audiences to your social profile. Above, health website Well + Good, used #InternationalSelfCareDay as inspiration for an Instagram post and promoted an image from illustrator, Mari Andrews. By using the hashtag in the caption and tagging Mari Andrews they instantly get more exposure in Instagram due to how the algorithm works.

7. Create a content or color theme to work with

Pantone Instagram

A color scheme can help inspire you on what to create for your social media

Sometimes, the best way to find inspiration is to put boundaries around what you do. Pantone (@pantone) is an authority figure when it comes to color and with one simple scroll its Instagram page shows that there are distinct guidelines for the types pictures it chooses. As we can see above, pink, blue and white are favored in Pantone’s grid for the last nine images, creating a visual pattern. If you keep your grid consistent with content, colors or the types of pictures you post, you’ll be able to give a clean look to your profile. And thanks to Canva’s extensive image library, you’ll never run out of images to post.

Create a striking post with color palettes. Searching for 'teal' can bring you templates like White & Teal Maine Lobster Festival Instagram Post or Teal Photo Spring Break Instagram Post. Use any color you fancy.

8. Find a topic your audience can relate to


Giving your followers content they can relate to builds engagement

A social media post doesn’t always need to have a precise reason, especially with platforms like Instagram. Sometimes, just entertaining your followers with relatable content—like the need for coffee every morning—is an easy way to boost engagement and built a growing relationship with your followers.

9. Share videos regularly

Whether you have the ability to create your own videos, or, can share videos that align with your brand, they are a great way to communicate with your audience. In 2017, Forbes reported that video traffic will make up 80% of internet traffic in just four years. This prediction shows that video is a popular form of communication that is only set to continue.

10. Live stream on Instagram

Instagram live

Instagram live lets you bring your followers along for the ride as events happen

At an event? About to go on a holiday? Take your followers along with you by live streaming where you are and what you’re doing. It serves as an unfiltered way to communicate with them. The best part is, you that you can have it disappear as soon as you’re done, or save it to your stories and create a graphic in Canva to save it into your highlight reel within your bio.

11. Add tags to your Instagram bio

Canva Instagram

Hashtags are useful when promoting new initiatives

Adding hashtags to your instagram bio is a newer addition to the platform. Many brands (including us) find it useful to promote new initiatives or focusses and hear directly from our users.

12. Create unique Snapchat Geofilters for your next event

Snapchat Geofilters

You can create Snapchat Geofilters on Canva for Mobile

Got a big event coming up? Using Canva, you can create personalized Geofilters for Snapchat. Whether it’s a wedding, an office event, or your birthday, you can learn more about how to create them on our blog.

Snapchat filters are exclusively available on Canva for Mobile. Try using Green Skyline Conference Snapchat Geofilter or the Pink Books Local Library Community Snapchat Geofilter

13. Host a question-and-answer session on Instagram

Instagram Stories Question Stickers

If you have an expertise, chances are, your followers have something they want to ask you. With Instagram’s question stickers, once you’ve designed an Instagram Story Tile that introduces the session you are about to host, upload it and click on the “questions” sticker to begin.

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