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Cast your net to a wider audience by creating engaging video shorts with Canva’s free short video maker app. Choose from ready-made templates for YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, or Instagram Reels, then customize them with unique animations and editing effects. With a few clicks, you can transform your short content and leave a lasting impression on your growing follower base.

Short-form storytelling made more compelling

YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and Stories are the trendiest and most creative ways to share your message on video-sharing platforms. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded daily, so the last thing you want is for your video to get lost in the algorithm. But with well-produced videos that attractively capture everything you want to say within the maximum length, you can boost your online presence and gain a wider reach.

Promote your brand, introduce products and services, or share snippets of your daily life with Canva as your go-to editor for YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos, and more. Don’t just follow the trends—create your own by customizing templates with your own aesthetic, adding music from our audio library, and making stylish edits with transitions and Beat Sync. When you know what story you want to convey, everything else is easy peasy.

How to make short videos

Create a short video

Open Canva and search for “YouTube Shorts” to begin your design project. Alternatively, you can enter “short videos” in the search bar to find ready-made templates for other video platforms. Choose a template you want to work with or open a blank layout.

Upload the clips you want to include in your short video and drag and drop them on the timeline. You can also browse our media library for high-quality stock videos or snap a self-recording of yourself or your screen and immediately upload it onto the editor.

Cut, trim, or lengthen the duration of each frame by dragging the slider on the timeline. Speed up or slow downpeak moments. Then, add more frames to your video by clicking the plus sign + on the editor.

Make your video truly your own by customizing it with the many editing tools in our shorts maker. Apply transitions between frames, animate elements, and find the perfect background track in our music library. You can also add text like captions or subtitles, and explore video filters to give your video a more polished look.

Once satisfied, download your design as a high-resolution MP4 video file or share it on social media straight from the dashboard. With a Pro account, you can also queue it in your content calendar.
Create a short video

Do more in less time

For entrepreneurs and content creators, uploading frequent short videos can boost your online visibility and increase engagement. Capture the heart of your message with clean-looking visuals and a fitting sound to support your vibe without wasting time. Canva’s powerful video editor(opens in a new tab or window) has everything you need to make short videos that hook your audience immediately.

Begin with professionally designed templates for YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and Stories. Then, customize it with a full suite of editing tools, an extensive music library, and plenty of graphics and elements to make your short video stand out. You can also use Canva's AI video editor(opens in a new tab or window) to instantly generate short videos.

Whether you’re showcasing your brand’s new products, sharing your hot take on a trending issue, or introducing a helpful hack, work on the go and produce a quick, compelling video in minutes with Canva’s free online short video maker.

Create your own rhythm

Who says you need to hire a professional editor for your videos? Canva’s user-friendly interface makes bringing a dynamic style to your videos easy. Don’t just follow video trends online–take the lead and create your own!

Upload your tracks, photos, and clips for a personal touch. Or, record yourself(opens in a new tab or window) directly from the app for a more natural approach. Adjust the lengths of your frames, make your text dance on the page with animations(opens in a new tab or window), and tell a seamless story with cool transitions. With Beat Sync(opens in a new tab or window), Canva can intuitively edit your video to the beat of your chosen sound so you can keep your message brisk and snappy.

Your shortcut to captivating content

Don’t feel boxed in by generic and overused layouts on social media platforms. Access our short video maker online to explore hundreds of templates for video shorts, all beautifully designed and ready for personalization. There’s something for every industry and niche interest that you can fully edit to your heart’s content.

Produce eye-catching product teasers for your Instagram story. Create a step-by-step tutorial to post on TikTok. Or share life moments like snippets of your last vacation or your current favorite recipe to connect with your YouTube audience. Our beginner-friendly short video maker equips you with all the tools and features to make your content creation process quick and straightforward—no video editing experience or complicated software required.


Video-sharing platforms have their respective interfaces for creating short videos that you either record spontaneously or upload later. When you use our shorts maker, you duplicate your finished project and assign each project to a particular platform. Then, tweak each video to the required length and edit based on the audience's expectations for each platform.

YouTube Shorts is a section of YouTube that allows short-form content in vertical format, which is perfect for mobile users. It has a maximum length of 60 seconds. With our free YouTube Shorts maker, creators can share bite-sized information, channel updates, and shortened versions of their regular YouTube content to reach a wider audience.

YouTube Shorts allow a maximum length of 60 seconds. In comparison, TikTok videos can run up to 10 minutes. Instagram Reels have a duration of 90 seconds, Instagram Stories go up to 15 seconds, while Facebook Stories have a limit of 20 seconds. When you make a short video, be sure to take into consideration which platform you will upload your content to.
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