Biodiversity can be thought of as habitats that contain a wide variety of plant and animal species. In fact, biodiversity is essential to the survival of our planet, and thus should be a topic that is introduced to students.

Fun fact: Areas with high rates of biodiversity are also better able to survive and thrive in the face of unexpected ecological challenges.

In this free and downloadable biodiversity lesson plan, students will be introduced to biodiversity, and the impact it plays in creating a healthy ecosystem. Students will learn:

  • More about the environment. Students will learn about the important role that biodiversity plays in a healthy ecosystem.
  • How humans interact with biodiversity. Students will recognize the impact that humans are having on unique habitats around the world.
  • Design skills. Students will develop graphics designed to encourage others to care about biodiversity.

Students will then be given an interactive design activity where they can use Canva to create their own visual poem. To take part in this lesson, students will require the following:

  • Access to a computer or mobile device
  • Internet connection
  • A Canva login

To take the lesson one step further, there are also homework activities included. Ask students to begin to investigate solutions that are being tried around the world to address the challenge of biodiversity and habitat loss. Or you can Ask students to make a recommendation about a solution for addressing biodiversity challenges in your local area that they think is likely to succeed based on their research.

For more on this lesson, download the PDF Lesson Plan.

Written by
William Ferriter

Bill has many different titles. He's an author and a professional development provider with expertise in modern learning spaces and in establishing collaborative communities. What he is most proud of, though, is that he is still a full time practitioner, teaching science to sixth graders in a middle school outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.