By understanding how the environment works students are more likely to take care of it. In this ecosystem lesson plan will encourage students to live a greener lifestyle in the future.

Teaching students to become more aware of the environment from an early age will help them build lifelong habits that they can take outside the classroom and apply anywhere, anytime.

In this ecosystem lesson pla, students will gain a better understanding of the relationships between living things within an ecosystem. They will do this by conducting research and designing a poster that serves as a graphical presentation of the relationship between organisms and the food chain. Students will learn:

  • The relationship between living things within an ecosystem. Here, an explanation will be given about this interaction and students will be encouraged to take notes.
  • The appropriate language when writing about the ecosystem. Students will then pair up and brainstorm words that are associated with the food chain and ecosystem. Students will then use what they have learned about the ecosystem and create a food chain.
  • How to curate information and communicate it through design. The goal of this lesson is to have students create a poster that shows the relationship between different organisms within an ecosystem. As students assemble their food chain they will need to gather images that represent each organism.

Students will then be given an activity, where they can use Canva to create their presentation. To take part in this lesson, students will require:

  • Access to a computer or mobile device
  • Internet connection
  • A Canva login

To take the lesson one step further, there are also homework activities included. Students can find multimedia that connects with the images they have found and present these to the class, or students can compare the food chain they made with other members.

For more on this lesson, download the PDF lesson plan.

Written by
Monica Burns

Monica is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. She's presented to teachers, administrators and tech-enthusiasts at numerous national conferences and Apple Education events. She's a webinar host for SimpleK12 and a contributor to Edutopia and appoLearning.