To make your next lesson interesting, we’ve created a free and downloadable geography lesson plan that allows students to think outside the box and use their creative design and presentation skills.

In this geography lesson plan, students will learn about different countries around the world and what makes them unique to one another. They will then take part in a graphic design project that will require them to think about other cultures while producing and presenting a poster.

In this free and downloadable lesson plan, students will learn to:

  • Develop an understanding of different cultures. They will be asked to assess how countries differ to one another.
  • Identify key political figures, geographic features, and other notable characteristics. They will then compare this to the country they live in.
  • Write and present informational text. While participating in this fun activity, students will still need to use correct grammar, and channel the tone of voice used to produce a finished poster.

Students will then be given an activity, where they can use Canva to create their own poem. To take part in this lesson, students will require the following:

  • Access to a computer or mobile device
  • Internet connection
  • A Canva login

To take the lesson one step further, have students display their Canva poster on a projection screen to the class and present their findings to other members of their class. Or you can ask students to write a list of questions that have stemmed from their research that they could
investigate further.

For more on this lesson, download the PDF Lesson Plan.

Written by
Monica Burns

Monica is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. She's presented to teachers, administrators and tech-enthusiasts at numerous national conferences and Apple Education events. She's a webinar host for SimpleK12 and a contributor to Edutopia and appoLearning.