Here's how you can market one design in 4 different ways


Time poor? Digital marketing doesn’t have to take the entire day. In this article, we’ll show you how to take one design and market it in four different ways. We’ll also show you some time-saving additions to Canva that will help level-up your social media presence. Read on for our tips on repurposing content for all your different marketing needs.

When you think about it, marketing and graphic design go hand-in-hand. Graphic design uses marketing to help spread a message, and marketing uses graphic design to communicate the message clearly.While it’s important to create quality content, it’s also just as important to employ certain strategies in order to make sure your content gets seen.

Say for example you’ve just created a design to advertise your company’s yearly stocktake sale. Or, you’ve created a logo for your personal brand, and you want to share it with the world. One of the easiest ways to market this message (especially when you’re on a tight budget) is through social media. But marketing across various platforms can be extremely time-consuming. Especially because each social media platform requires images to be posted with very specific dimensions to look their best.

If you’re looking to create a design and your plan is to market it in on one particular platform, we suggest starting your design with the right dimensions in mind. For example, if you’re wanting to promote your business with a Facebook Banner, by typing that phrase into the search bar of Canva, a blank canvas will appear with the correct dimensions. Thousands of templates will also appear in the sidebar to help guide you.

If you’re a Canva Pro user, you have access to our popular Magic Resize Tool. This tool allows you to magically resize one design in many different dimensions—including Facebook posts, Twitter banners, document letterheads, logos, book covers, and posters, just to name a few. So, within a manner of seconds, you’ll have optimized your design for all your marketing needs.

To access this feature, at the top of your editor, click Resize. A drop-down menu will appear showing you all the different template sizes you can adapt your design to. Next, you can click on as many dimensions as you would like your original design to be resized to. Once you’ve chosen, click the Copy & Resize button. From there, the design with varying dimensions will open and you can Save, Download, Social or Print.

Below are some extra marketing tips and tricks for your Canva designs.


Instagram is a highly visual social media platform that makes it an effective marketing tool for graphic design.

If you don’t have access to the Magic Resize Tool, when you enter the homepage of Canva, you are able to search for an Instagram Post or Instagram Story template in the search bar. You will then be provided with thousands of templates as a starting point for your design, or, you can always design from scratch.

Once you’ve completed your design, click Publish at the top of the homepage. From there you will be given an option to Download your design in various formats: PNGs, JPGs, and PDFs. PNGs and JPGs are ideal for posting online, and PDFs are optimized for printing.

When posting on your Instagram page, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can follow to make your post more visible:

  • When it comes to choosing a time to post, think of when your followers are most active on social media. Optimal times often include before and after standard work hours when users are commuting or have more free time to engage online.
  • With users now being able to follow and search hashtags, adding hashtags directly into your caption will increase the reach you have across the platform. This is due to Instagram’s algorithm which favors actions that foster a sense of community and similar interests. This also allows users who don’t follow you to find you during their online travels.
  • Instagram’s algorithm also favors posts that tag relevant brands and individuals in each picture. Adding a location also helps increase visibility on the platform.


When it comes to marketing your design on Facebook, you can either choose to promote your message with a Facebook Banner, which sits at the top of your profile page, or a regular post that sits within your feed. Canva offers a wide range of design templates for both of these options.

Facebook Banners are a great way to show a user who you or your brand is. Whereas a Facebook post works well for timely posts that your followers are able to engage with and share.

When posting on your Facebook page, here are some tips and tricks you can follow to make your post more visible:

  • An easy way to increase the visibility of your post on Facebook is to get it shared by other users. This shows Facebook’s algorithm that people are interested in what you are posting about. So, when you’re creating content for Facebook, start by assessing what your followers want to see.
  • To make your design more dynamic, you can also turn it into an animation or GIF with a few clicks in Canva. Once you’ve finished your design, click Publish at the top of your editor. Then, a drop-down menu will appear. You will then be provided with an animation option. You can choose to make an MP4 video or GIF that pans and slides elements of your design taking it from static to dynamic in a matter of moments.


On Canva, you can create Twitter Posts and Twitter Banners. Twitter is a particularly great platform for newsworthy content and global events. For example, if you’re a retailer, you are able to promote your Black Friday sale, by using the hashtag #BlackFriday. Part of the success of hashtags across Twitter is due to its Worldwide trends sidebar, which populates all trending tweets in one Twitter thread.

Retweeting other posts from similar brands is also a great way to gain exposure. It’s also an effective way to keep the conversation going about what you’re trying to promote. Retweeting also shows your followers that you appreciate the time they take to interact with you or your brand.

Print It

Just because we live in a digital world doesn’t mean that printed products aren’t an effective form of communication. In the right hands, a printed version of your design could take you further than a post on social media post ever could. With Canva you can easily turn your design into a printed product and have it delivered to your door in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and New Zealand (with more destinations on the way).

To print, once you’ve finished your design, click Publish at the top of your editor. In the drop-down menu, you’ll be offered several options to turn your design into a printed document. This includes business cards, postcards, posters, A4 documents, and cards with envelopes included. We will automatically resize your designs, print it and deliver them to your door. Easy, right?



Another way to take one design and market it across various different platforms and dimensions is to save all your timeless designs in one place—think logos, quotes, and illustrations. You can do this by using Canva Folders. This means, when you need to create a design, you have all your main elements ready and can alter them in your canvas. If you’re a Canva Pro user, you can also share these folders with the wider team and give them edit permission, or just view access.

To learn more about Canva Pro, you can find out more information here. And for more design and marketing tips head to our Learn blog.

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