How to invite your team and collaborate on designs

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They say that, “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” and here at Canva, we couldn’t agree more—which is why we make it easy to collaborate and share your designs. Below, we will give you a step-by-step guide to the new Collaborating tool on Canva 2.0, and some of the benefits you can experience from collaborating with your team.

Traditionally, we have relied on meetings and emails to plan and orchestrate big projects. But one issue with this method tends to be the amount of time this takes up. Since collaborating in groups is a common part of many people’s jobs, Canva 2.0 aims to make communication and design easy and importantly, time efficient.

We’ve also found that many teams who use the Collaborate tool find they have increased consistency and quality control with their designs. Read on for some easy ways you can start collaborating on Canva.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to invite your team to designs
  • How to collaborate on designs
  • Easy ways your team can increase productivity by using Canva

How to invite your team to view and edit designs

With Canva 2.0, there are a few ways you can invite your team to collaborate on designs. Whether it’s with a shareable link, design folders, or via email, to see all the sharing options available, click the Collaborate button at the top of your homepage and follow the instructions below.

Share designs with links: If you would like to send a link to your team members, you can Copy the link provided in the Collaborate menu and choose whether you want the recipients to view, or, view and edit the design.

Share designs via email: If you would like to email your team and invite them to designs, you can add the email addresses within the Collaborate drop-down menu. You can also choose how much access each member has to the document you are sharing.

Share design folders: If you are a subscriber to Canva Pro and would like your team to have access to company collateral—think logos, pitch decks with basic statistics and social media templates—Canva allows you to share specific design folders with one another. Once you’ve created a design folder on the homepage, ensure that you have named the folder clearly. Next, click on the folder you wish to share, and press the share button in the corner of the folder. You will then be taken to a directory that allows you to choose who can view and edit this folder.

With thousands of logo templates within the Canva library, you’re bound to find a logo that perfectly illustrates what your brand is all about. Plus you can save it within a Canva folder for easy access at all times.

How to use Canva effectively when you’re in a team

When it comes to increasing productivity and minimizing time-wasting activities, here are some tips for using Canva for all your design-related projects. From social media posts, to onboarding presentations for new starters, Canva has created several features that will help your team collaborate easily when it comes to designing.

Save your fonts, colors, and images in your brand kit: Creating a clear visual identity is important when you have a brand, or are marketing yourself, because it helps people see who you are and gives hints about the services you offer. Canva Pro users are able to create a brand kit that has your key colors, fonts, logos saved all in one place. With this feature, when any member of your team is creating their designs in Canva, they can do so using the clear parameters of the brand kit folder.

Media kit templates are a perfect example of how color, font and imagery can help communicate your business identity. And by having these key elements on demand using Canva’s Brand Kit, you’re easily able to change information and design elements, while still sticking to branding guidelines.

Set up templates instead of starting to design from scratch: Team templates are an added feature offered to Canva Pro subscribers. Here, you can create and save various on-brand templates in one place. From posters to social media posts, team templates are an easy way to promote the latest news, while easily sharing and editing designs that you use on a regular basis. Having designated folders and team templates on Canva means that your entire team is able to save time when it comes to designing anything related to the company. What’s also beneficial in having all these assets in one place is that from a design perspective, you are reinforcing your brand’s visual ethos within the company.

As we can see, the above example shows the dynamic, visual power strong design can have on various types of documents for your business.

Organize your folders: Another way to stay organized and improve efficiency is to keep all relevant folders in Canva separated and clearly labelled. By allocating folders for your designs, your team will be able to access logos, presentations, and templates that already exist, meaning that they are less likely to double-up on work that has already been created and are given clear reference tools when creating their own designs.

Retain control over who can view and edit designs: In Canva, as the owner of a design you are able to share files with users that will either allow them to view and edit, or simply view. To ensure quality control we suggest being strategic about who you give edit permissions to, only selecting a small amount of the team to have edit access. The View Only access is a great tool for allowing members in the team to review work and communicate any suggestions for the design.

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