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Produce an animated video in minutes with Canva’s free animated video maker. With a user-friendly video editor and a vast collection of video templates, you’ll quickly create a video with stunning animations for any project, for any purpose.

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Animate every photo, text, and element

From simple panning motions to powerful stomping transitions, Canva’s animated video maker allows you to create videos and presentations that make an impact. Choose from many page animation options, which apply coordinated movements on all the elements on a page. You can also animate individual elements, text, and photos on your video. In addition, you can edit the timing of each animation for an impeccably timed video.

Simply pick a video template from our extensive gallery and edit it using the online animation video maker. Make your photo fade into the video, make your text drift onto the page, or make your illustrations pop into view in just a few clicks. With Canva, creating an animation video has never been easier.

How to make animated videos

  1. Open Canva
    Open Canva and type “Video” or “Video Collage” to start making animated videos.
  2. Choose a video template
    Browse our gallery of video templates and choose a layout for your project. You can also create an animated video from a blank canvas.
  3. Edit the video template
    Start editing your animation video by changing the text, colors, and fonts. Upload and add your photos and clips. Our design library also has illustrations, stock photos and videos, icons, and vectors you can add to your video.
  4. Animate the page and elements
    To animate the page, click Animate on the toolbar and choose from the page animation options. You can set the duration of the page animation by clicking the Clock icon on the toolbar. To animate individual elements, click on an element, then click Animate.
  5. Present, download, or share
    Share your animation video directly with your colleagues via email or social media, or present it directly from the editor. You can also download your project as a high-quality MP4 file.
Create an animated video

Create animated videos for work and school

With Canva’s dynamic animation options, you’ll keep your audience at the edge of their seats. Most people are visual learners, so your custom animated videos will help them digest and retain information better. Whether you’re making a video for a class lecture or to pitch an idea at work, our free animated video maker has all the tools you need.

Make the numbers move and make the pictures dance. Let illustrations tumble into the page and pop into view. There are animation options for a fun, kindergarten classroom, as well as the corporate environment. Make use of the premium design library, too. Add stock footage, photos, and illustrations. Need to share your animated video with distance learners and remote workers? You can save and upload it to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Or share it via email.

Advertise using animation videos

Capture attention with stunning animated videos. Want to launch a product, introduce your new brand ambassador, or announce a flash sale? You won’t go wrong with an animated video.

Animate product shots, make the text bounce, and let elements slide in and out of the clip. Don’t forget to add sound effects, videos, and pictures from Canva’s design library. Feel free to change the font styles and colors on the video template. On top of that, the videos created using our free animated video maker have no watermark.

Greet your friends on their special day

Run-of-the-mill birthday greetings are out—animated video greetings are in! There’s nothing more special than presenting a custom animated video for a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, promotion, or life milestone. The celebrant will surely appreciate your effort, though it only took you a few minutes to put the video together.

Take advantage of Canva’s fun animation options to make the confetti and balloons whirl and twirl on the video. Combine different animations to create a whimsical effect. When crafting an animated video on Canva, the design possibilities are endless.


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