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Bring your video to life with stunning animations—without complicated software. With Canva’s free animated video maker, you can animate an element, a whole page, or create your own unique animated video, all within one, easy-to-use editor.

Create exciting video animations in a few clicks

It’s now easier than ever to create an animated story for work, school, or play. With Create an Animation, you can make elements move with your unique animation style. Whether you want your elements to zigzag or rotate across the screen, speed up, and then slow down, it’s easy to create your own path and let your elements flow.

Watch your designs spring to life in an instant. With our animation editor, you can make a bee stop, smell a rose, and then buzz away quickly, make planets orbit around the sun, or make a dinosaur fly through space; your imagination is the limit. They’re great for training and demo videos, too, because you can animate how an item moves from one stage or phase to another.

Once you’re done with your story, you can download your video with no watermark. Canva’s animated video maker makes work feel like play.

How to make animated videos

Create an animated video

Create an animated video

Have fun with animations and combinations

If you’re not looking to create custom animations, you have lots of easy animation options at your fingertips. Our animated video maker lets you animate the text(opens in a new tab or window) and elements of your video, like simple pans, drifts, and motion paths(opens in a new tab or window). Make the numbers fade in and make the pictures zoom out. Let illustrations tumble into the page and pop into view.

Not sure which animations pair together well? We’ve got you covered. Our one-click Animation Combinations animate all the elements in a way that moves together beautifully. You have a number of styles to choose from: apply the Intimate combo for formal videos, for example, or use the Celebratory combo for big moments in wedding or birthday videos. You’ll look like a video pro in just one click.

Edit like a pro with Lottie stickers and animation variations

Do more with animated Lottie stickers! You can recolor Lotties, so they’ll suit any video you make on Canva. Turn your red flower into a white one or give your shirt a new hue. It will stay crisp at any size, with buttery smooth animation.

If you’re on Pro, you’ll unlock Animation Variations, which allows you to adjust the speed, style, and direction of your animation. You can even stop it from animating in and out. Take full control of your animations with Animation Variations.

Catch the perfect flow with cinematic transitions and element timing

Bring storytelling to the next level with free video transitions(opens in a new tab or window) tailored just for your project. Make your scenes flow smoothly from one clip to the next with our library of cinematic transitions.

On top of that, you can time each element in your video to enter and exit exactly when you want it to! With all these tools, you’ll create an impeccably timed video, every time.

Make animated videos for work, school, and play

Animations are great for educational videos, and our animated video maker offers endless possibilities. Also, there’s nothing more special than a custom video for special milestones, like birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions. Use our whimsical animation editor to make the confetti and balloons whirl and twirl.

Want to launch a product, introduce a new brand ambassador, or announce a flash sale? You won’t go wrong with an animated video. Animate product shots, make the text bounce, and let elements slide in and out of the clip.

Make use of our media library, too. Add stock footage, photos, and illustrations. If you’re on Pro, you can use the Beat Sync tool to automatically sync your animated video to the beat of the music. Need to share your animated video with distance learners and remote workers? Save, watermark your video(opens in a new tab or window), and upload, it to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Or share it via email.

With Canva’s free animated video maker, you’ll create animations that not only excite viewers, but also leave a lasting impact.


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