Whether it’s for Instagram or your next bingo event, you can easily create digital and printable bingo cards with Canva’s bingo card maker.

A bingo card for every occasion

Bingo cards are back! Whether you’re creating one to engage your online community or creating a traditional, printable bingo card, Canva allows you to create bingo cards for every occasion. No design experience needed.

With our drag-and-drop editor, you simply choose a flexible template and customize it with millions of images, icons, colors, and fonts. Or, start your design from scratch.

How to create a bingo card

  1. Choose a bingo card template or design one from scratch
  2. Next, simply drag and drop your favorite illustrations, fonts, or colors into your design
  3. Add your own words, or choose any of our existing games
  4. Download and share it with the world.

Create beautiful Instagram bingo cards in minutes

Adding a bingo card to your Instagram story is the latest trend that’s here to stay. Canva has hundreds of bingo card templates that will help you engage your online community, in minutes. Whether it’s self-care, coffee picks or mindfulness tips, you’re sure to find attractive bingo designs perfect for your social media profile.

Create printable bingo cards with ease

Canva’s bingo card generator is perfect for printable cards as well. Once you’ve created your bingo card, Canva allows you to download a high-res document with one click, in any format—JPEG, PNG, and PDF available. From there, you can easily print your customized bingo card.

Generate as many bingo cards as you like

Canva is free to use and allows you to create as many bingo cards as you like. Canva will automatically save your bingo card design, so you can access and customize at any time, on any device—Canva is also available on iOS and Android.

Or, if you would like to create a new bingo card, you can start from scratch and design as many as you like!


Do I need to install software to create a bingo card with Canva?

There’s no need to install software to make a Canva design. Simply create a free account. However, you can also download the Canva app on your iOS or Android device so you can update your designs anytime, anywhere.

Is Canva’s bingo card generator free to use?

Yes, you can create a bingo card on Canva for free. If you do choose any premium images or elements, they will be available to you at an affordable price.

How do you create an Instagram bingo card?

Canva has designer-made Instagram bingo card templates that you can easily personalize to suit your taste. Or, if you would like to design your own, simply select the custom dimensions option and opt for 1080px by 1920px for a high-resolution Instagram story bingo card.

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