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Grab your fans, sponsors, and organizers' attention with a stunning cricket logo. Use our collection of beginner-friendly editing tools and professional cricket logo design elements from our vast graphics library to get started. Design a cricket logo today with our free cricket logo maker and create a unique logo boasting your team’s spirit and enthusiasm.

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A cricket logo shows your team's excitement and passion. It can make or break your team’s impression on the sponsors, or the fans. That makes it more important for you to get a sports logo(opens in a new tab or window) and make your team shine in your next cricket tournament.

With Canva’s cricket logo maker, you can create an impressive cricket logo for your club. Pick your favorite logo template from our vast collection of pre-built 3D cricket logo templates, write your team’s name, customize colors or graphics, and download in your preferred file format. Print it on your team banner, T-shirts, tote bags, or other sports merchandise.

No design experience? No problem. Our free logo maker(opens in a new tab or window) is made with non-designers in mind. Simply drag and drop to add some unique elements from the logo library. You can also match the theme, color, and fonts to the club or team you’re representing. So put on your creative gloves and hit a six in designing a logo with Canva’s Cricket logo maker for free.

How to create a cricket logo

Design a cricket logo

Open Canva and search for "cricket logos." Start with a blank page or choose a pre-made logo template.

Choose free sports templates related to your team’s identity and tournament theme or start with a blank layout. From elegant and royal logo designs to bold and 3D logos, there’s a match for your cricket logo in our vast template library.

Customize your cricket team logo using our intuitive editor. Add icons, adjust the font size, place interesting elements, and uniquely add your team name using your favorite font. Use our color palette generator to choose complementary hues for your logo.

Check out our vast library of sports logo graphics to craft your cricket logo. Use our photo editor to add filters, effects, and animations. Explore different fonts, text formatting, and colors to make your cricket logo shine.

Once satisfied with your design, download your cricket logo for free in PDF, PNG, or JPG file formats. Alternatively, share it online or publish it on social media.
Design a cricket logo

Design an impressive cricket team logo

Cricket is one of the most loved sports in India. Your cricket logo conveys your team’s spirit, passion, and identity to the organizers, sponsors, and audiences. Understanding the complexity of designing an impactful logo, our free cricket logo maker offers you a hassle-free way to create your cricket logo in just a few steps. Make stunning, professional logos with ease using our vast collection of customizable templates. Perfect for any cricket team, our user-friendly platform ensures your design stands out. Let your cricket logo reflect your team's enthusiasm and spirit.

Shine bright among your fans and the crowd by making a unique cricket logo. Whether you’re making a cricket logo for an experienced cricket team, an amateur one, or a kid's cricket team, our cricket logo maker can help you make an impressive logo highlighting your team’s uniqueness. Start now and hit a branding six with our free intuitive logo maker!

Choose from a variety of sports-inspired layouts to edit and make your own. Our collection of basic to bold cricket logo design options makes it easy to customize a logo for your next event. Need a stylish cricket jersey with your cricket design? Explore our cricket jersey design maker.(opens in a new tab or window) to design a cricket jersey for your next tournament.

Hit a design sixer with our cricket team logo maker

We know that your cricket logo is the best way to introduce your team as a group of strong players. So, add a personal touch to your blank cricket logo with buzzing fonts and winning graphic elements. Try Magic Design™(opens in a new tab or window), an AI image generation app, and generate logo designs that reflect your club or team’s values. Want to create a stunning 3D symbol or graphic to complement your logo? Let Canva help you to create a dashing cricket graphic for your team or club.

Unite your team spirit with our dynamic cricket logos

Designing a cricket logo becomes ridiculously easy with our online cricket logo maker and built-in collaboration features. With a shareable link, customize a professional-looking cricket logo online and get your team’s feedback or your boss’ approval in real-time or asynchronously. Illustrate your team’s identity and spirit using some of the most well-designed logo templates. Create an impressive cricket logo easily with drag-and-drop options. Select from thousands of cricket logo templates and choose a logo design that could unite your players, fans, and sponsors under one symbol.


A cricket logo is important for any cricket team. It represents the team’s identity, values, and spirit. It is also needed for marketing and sponsorship purposes or to print on merchandise like caps, jerseys, etc. A good cricket team logo also shows your professionalism in the sport.

To create a trademarkable logo using Canva, you can either design an original logo from scratch using basic shapes and fonts from our free library, avoiding stock content, or upload a pre-designed logo. Stock content from Canva is not suitable for trademarks due to non-exclusive licenses. Once your logo is uploaded, you can use Canva to create branded collateral for your business. Check here for more information on how to trademark logos created on Canva.

The best free online cricket logo maker is an online tool that lets you create cricket logos using an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and gives you access to a vast graphics element library. With our free cricket logo maker, it’s simple to create a stunning cricket logo for non-designers as well. Pick a template of your choice, add fonts, and icons, and use powerful editing tools to craft an outstanding cricket logo for your team.

Yes, you can design a cricket logo for free using our free logo maker. In just a few steps, our intuitive drag-and-drop feature lets you use creative graphics and the latest fonts to make an exciting Cricket logo that shines brightly for your team.

Create a cricket logo by picking a unique template from our collection of thousands of sports templates. Add your team’s name using stylish fonts, elements, and graphics. Then save it and download it for free in your preferred format (PDF, PNG, JPG, etc.). Print it on your team banner, water bottles, T-shirts, or other sports merchandise.
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