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Distinguish yourself or your team in the gaming community with a custom gaming logo that stands out. Let Canva’s gaming logo maker do its magic and start building your professional branding today.

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Are you looking to transform your passion for gaming into a professional venture finally? Then, an outstanding gaming logo(opens in a new tab or window) should be at the top of your to-do list(opens in a new tab or window). With the competitive world of games and content, you need to have an impressive symbol representing who you are and your character. Lay the groundwork for a successful run in the gaming community with a distinct mark for your brand.

With Canva’s free gaming logo maker, it’s an easy play to design an official emblem. With over 100 million design ingredients, you’ll be able to create a custom gaming logo made to win gamers, streamers, and enthusiasts to your side. Define your brand with the type of content you feature, may it be for PC, mobile, console, virtual reality, arcade, or game streaming. A personalized gaming logo is a good start in introducing your identity to your audience.

How to make a gaming logo

Make your own gaming logo

Make your own gaming logo

Inspire followers to associate with a logo

A custom, eye-catching gaming logo can be one of the many things you need to enhance your following online. With Canva’s online gaming logo maker, you’ll have millions of design ingredients to choose from to build the gaming logo that’ll be seen in every post that your followers will share on social media.

Select from our library of icons, shapes, and vectors to entirely shape your logo to embody your personality and represent what your content has to offer. When audiences relate to your gaming logo, it’s easier for them to remember what you do as a brand.

Emerge atop of the gaming crowd

It’s not easy to take the spotlight in such a packed and vigorous online community. Whether you use Twitch, Steam, YouTube, or other social gaming platforms, you know how important it is to have a well-defined branding. With an awesome gaming logo, you can set yourself apart from the noise and let the rest of the social gamers know that you have arrived.

Easily make your own gaming logo with our seamless editor. Start with a premade layout and tweak it to your liking. The only strategy you’ll need for a winning design is to drag and drop attractive elements to shape your logo. It’s up to you to go bubbly and fun with your symbol or come off as dark and intense as you wish.

Secure your future wins

Consistent branding can set you up for success. Start with your gaming logo to establish better recall among your audience. Use your personalized symbol to promote your content. Add it to your social media posts, profile pages, gaming videos, and stream overlays—designs you can create within our intuitive editor. You can even make it dynamic with animations, 3D intros(opens in a new tab or window), or make a 3D logo(opens in a new tab or window) from our editor, so it becomes entertaining to your followers.

Soon enough, your gaming logo will be the face of your brand. You’ll eventually have to stamp your future merchandise with your logo and see people wear t-shirts and hoodies, plaster stickers, or sip from their mugs. All the magic you can do within Canva.


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