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Generate a fun AI avatar that will represent you on any platform. Use Canva's design tool to make an avatar or use one of the many AI avatar makers like ProfilePhoto(opens in a new tab or window) and online character builders apps available in Canva to create personal avatars that reflect your persona.

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Your digital alter ego

Establishing your online personality just got a lot more exciting. Quickly create a character from scratch using our free avatar generator, or personalize a pre-made character and make it your own. Want to make an awesome AI avatar? Explore the AI avatar generator apps and produce realistic AI avatars in a jiffy.

Treat your new avatar as your digital alter ego. Use it as a profile photo for your gaming streams, hobby groups, or community pages. Use it for business cards, stickers, and exciting merch. You can even design marketing posters with custom avatars that represent your brand. With a wide selection of characteristics and facial features, our avatar creators can help you build a solid online community.

How to make an AI avatar

Create an avatar

Launch Canva on the app or your web browser to access our avatar makers online. Search for “Avatar” to begin.

Browse our customizable avatar templates. Filter your options by category, style, or theme. You can also start from a blank page.

To make your own character, click Apps on the sidebar and search for the Character Builder app. You can also explore AI avatar generator apps to create free AI avatars.

Personalize your newly minted avatar for free. Add borders, frames, and backgrounds. Find illustrations, graphics, and stickers from our extensive media library to complement your design.

Share your digital avatar straight to your social media pages, add it to another Canva design, or download it to your device to use anytime, anywhere.
Create an avatar

Be the main character

When you make a personal avatar, you become your own main character. So have fun and use online avatar creators to generate a persona that represents you best.

Design a custom AI avatar for your Twitch streams or a caricature of yourself for your YouTube channel. Need a talking avatar for your video? Explore the easy-to-use AI video avatar apps in the editor. No time to take a professional headshot? Just upload any photo and let the Headshot Pro app generate an AI avatar in seconds.

Want to create a character online and embed it into your design? Quickly connect to the Bitmoji app on the platform and let your creativity shine. Choose from various faces, bodies, and expressions, and design an avatar based on your iconic look, matching everything from your hairstyle to your everyday wear.

Represent your community

Avatars do more than represent you. They also represent your brand and customer base. Go beyond the archetypes and generate an avatar set to portray different types of people from all walks of life. Explore the avatar designer Pixton from the Canva dashboard for templates of people of all shapes and sizes representing various industries, genders, races, and ethnicities.

How about producing free character illustrations using Canva’s Character Builder app to put a creative spin on your marketing materials? Use your community avatars in your PSAs, advocacy posters, and presentation decks. After all, you’re not just promoting your brand; you’re also promoting the people you want to reach.

Create a world for your avatar

Canva is your one-stop shop for bringing your character into a world you’ve created. Colorize your avatar by applying filters and adjusting the image settings. Use gorgeous fonts for your name and add borders and frames to give some shape. Explore plain or illustrated backgrounds from the media library to let your AI avatar blend into your design space. You can even do away with avatar makers and make an avatar from scratch using the AI vector generator(opens in a new tab or window) on Canva.

Download and save your free character or AI avatar to use anywhere. Whether spicing up your online profile, designing a business card, or enhancing instructional materials or AI presentation(opens in a new tab or window) decks, easily style and match your avatar to any branding or theme, ensuring a personal touch and a lasting impression.


An avatar is a virtual representation of a person or the user's alter ego. It is commonly used as a profile photo for video streamers and online forums. However, it can also be used as a brand logo or a “digital mascot” of your company.

Choose a free logo template from our gallery. Then, on the left side panel of the online editor, click Apps and connect to your preferred avatar app. Design your avatar to your liking. Once you have your avatar in your canvas, you can add, remove, or replace the other visual elements of your logo, like borders and backgrounds. When you’re done, download and save a high-resolution copy of your logo to use anytime.

Download our app from the App Store or Google Play. Start designing by selecting a template or starting from a blank page. Tap the plus sign (+) in the lower left corner and select Apps. Connect to your preferred AI avatar or character creator app. Customize your avatar, then polish the rest of your design before downloading and sharing your project.

Knowing how to make an avatar your Twitch profile photo is easy. After logging in to your Twitch account, click the upper-right icon and select Settings. On this page, you can add or change your profile photo. Upload your customized avatar and resize the image. Then, click Save.

Log on to your YouTube account. Enter the YouTube Creator Studio to manage your videos. Go to Settings and select Customization. Under the Branding tab, you can upload your avatar to be watermarked in the lower right corner of your videos. Your avatar should be at least 150 x 150 pixels with a maximum file size of 1 MB.

There are many AI avatar generators available for free; you just have to choose one that meets your goal. For example, if you need talking avatars for your videos, you can check out apps like HeyGen AI Avatars, Avatars by NeiroAI, or DeepReel AI Videos on the editor. If you just need a simple headshot AI avatar, generate one using Headshot Pro. And the best part is, you can create all these types of free AI avatars in one platform.
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