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Close off your emails with a memorable email signature, custom-made just for you! Explore our email signature generator and design an impactful signature block that will solidify your branding.

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Leave a message that leaves an impression

Whether you’re corresponding with stakeholders, sending out exciting newsletters(opens in a new tab or window), or reaching out to prospective partners, an email signature is a powerful networking tool. Use it to its full advantage—create an email signature on Canva and showcase your professional branding in a single image.

From brand colors to the perfect headshot, you can put all your essential branding elements on your new email signature. Add crucial contact info, like your mobile number and social media handles. You have our expertly made templates to guide you and keep your email signature looking sleek and sharp.

With our free, custom email signature generator, you’ll make an email signature in minutes, ready to elevate your next correspondence.

How to make an email signature

Create an email signature

Launch Canva on your browser or download the free mobile app. Look up “Email signatures” to start creating your own.

Explore our free templates to find the email signature design you like best. Use filters to narrow down the results based on style, theme, and more. Then, click your layout of choice and go straight to Canva’s free online editor.

Edit the text on the template. Put your name, job title, contact info, business address, and more. Then, design away. Change the font style, size, and colors. Adjust the position of the text and graphics. Upload your headshot or logo. You can also explore our free media library and drag and drop illustrations and icons to your email signature.

Working with a team? Invite other Canva users to work on the same email signature layout in real time. You can lock parts of the design, leave comments, and collaborate to create the best email signature for your brand.

Download the final email signature as a high-resolution image. Then, upload it to your email platforms. If you’re signed into Canva, your email signature is saved, so you can return and edit it anytime.
Create an email signature

Stand out from the crowd

Why go for a run-of-the-mill sign-off when you can end each email with a memorable closing? Make sure your recipients remember you with a stand-out signature block.

With our email signature maker, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are free templates for professionals in fashion and lifestyle, health and fitness, real estate, finance, marketing, and more. Each design has all the email signature basics: space for your name, job title, company, social media links, and contact details.

What’s left is the fun part: you get to design your email signature, your way. The font styles, color palette(opens in a new tab or window), and layout are up to you. You can add new icons from our free media library, too. You get to make an email signature that truly reflects your brand.

Maximize every branding opportunity

Adding photos(opens in a new tab or window) or logos(opens in a new tab or window) is a simple but effective way to put a face to the name, build brand recall, and foster trust.

So use your email signature to maximize every branding opportunity. You can add photos of your teammates to show the team behind the screen. Put your logo front and center, add a tagline, and insert design elements associated with your business.

Whether you’re a freelancer who’s building a network, a marketer running email campaigns, or a one-person business reaching out to patrons, your email signature is key to solid branding.

Sync up the team with ease

Use Canva’s beginner-friendly editor and customizable templates to readily create email signatures for your whole team! No fancy skills needed; anyone can design a company-branded email signature and quickly disseminate it to the team. All that’s left is for them to change the personal details and upload their best photo.

You can also bring in your entire team to create a design with you,in real time. Canva users can collaborate on the same file together, so you can generate a new email signature that perfectly represents your team.


For a smart-looking email signature, keep the details short but accurate. You don’t have to add all your links and social media accounts, so prioritize which two or three you’d like to put. Images also show authority and build trust, so add a logo or a simple headshot. Use our free templates as a guide as you create your email signature.

Upload your company logo to our email signature generator. Then, drag and drop it onto your template. Move it around and resize as needed. Once the entire design is finished, save it as a high-resolution PNG file, as PNG renders logo graphics better than JPG.

You can change your email signature under Settings > Mail > Compose and reply. There, you can create or modify your email signature. Alternatively, you can simply type “Signature” in the search bar and Outlook should load the option.

On Gmail, click Settings, then See all settings. Under the Signature section is a box where you can easily copy and paste your new email signature. You can also insert the image file by clicking the Image icon.

Email signatures with photos are better than plain, text-only blocks. Pictures add flair to simple messages, and their highly visual nature works well with today’s email recipients. To add a headshot, just upload your photo to our email signature generator and drag and drop it onto your template.
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