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Free Cover Letter Maker

Hook your potential employer’s attention immediately and make an outstanding first impression with winning cover letters. Start tailoring the preface to your job applications today with Canva’s free cover letter maker and increase your chances of achieving your dream job.

Create Cover Letters

Create a cover letter that will land your dream job

A cover letter can make or break your application, and there’s only a 17% chance that your recruiter will read it. That’s why it’s very critical to get it right and convince your potential employer that it’s worth the read. Capture a recruiter’s attention in a jiff with a professional and visually appealing letter that effectively communicates your experiences and skills.

With Canva’s free online cover letter maker, you can handpick a design from our suite of professionally designed templates, write your well-thought-out message, and you’re ready to go. Customize your letter with design elements from our library that you can drag and drop to change fonts and colors or add icons and vectors to your liking. You can even tailor it after the company you’re applying for, so it blends well with them.

How to make a cover letter

  1. Start inspired
    Launch Canva and search for “Cover Letters” to find ideas that you can suit to a theme or style you have in mind.
  2. Select a design
    Pick a free template that fits your idea or the recipient of your cover letter and job application. Skim through our premade designs and choose from different formats and styles, or one that matches a resume template you’ve used in Canva. You can also start from scratch with a blank layout.
  3. Personalize your message
    Edit the design in our intuitive editor. Tweak the elements within the layout like picking a different font, adding small icons, or adjusting the color scheme. More importantly, don’t forget the message of your cover letter.
  4. Discover features
    See our extensive stock library to select graphic elements that you can add to your cover letter. Use our free and premium icons, illustrations, shapes, and more to communicate your expertise and experience visually.
  5. Deliver your message
    You’re ready to get that job with a tailor-made professional cover letter. Save and download your design in a PDF file to share it online or print it high quality. Attach it to your resume, which you can also create within Canva.
Create a cover letter

Stand out from the pack

Maximize the positive effect that your cover letter can bring to your job application. Emerge atop the crowd of aspiring applicants by writing an impressive introduction of yourself and highlighting your abilities and skills. Support it with a visually engaging cover letter from our free premade templates. Plus, they have matching resume designs in our library too!

Choose an aesthetic layout you can easily customize with Canva’s free online cover letter maker. You can be subtle or bold with your style but remember to match it with a company’s branding or suit your industry. Spark a hiring manager’s interest so you can get that prized callback in no time.

Give them a glimpse of who you are

Your cover letter is your avenue to share your career story competently and with a personal touch. Don’t just go writing resume buzzwords on your message. Try tapping into their visual senses like action-oriented words to describe your performance and expertise. Or why not have beautiful graphic elements to complement your message?

Access a wide variety of design ingredients when you edit using Canva’s cover letter creator. Give them a peek into your personality and style. Add icons, shapes, borders, or font styles that communicate your voice while remaining professional and purposeful.

Showcase yourself with Canva's cover letter builder

You don’t have to read much between the lines to create a captivating prologue to your resume. Whether you’re just starting out or already in with the design bigwigs, Canva’s cover letter maker gets the job and does it flawlessly. Break no sweat with our intuitive editor and enjoy its drag-and-drop functionality to the fullest. Now, coming up with winning cover letters is one less task to worry about while you’re on a job hunt. You can focus and go all-in on your other preparations and simply breeze through writing a cover letter worth reading and seeing.


A cover letter is a document, usually 250 to 400 words long, that helps support a resume by expounding on the qualifications and experience on a more personal level.

Your covering letter doesn’t have to be a dull, one-page document. Follow the format of your usual business letters, such as headers, salutations, main body, and closing remarks. Then, add some creative flairs that match the subtlety or boldness of your industry or future employer. Find legible serif or san-serif fonts and stick with one typeface at least. Be also mindful of your text sizes, color choices, margins, alignment, and spacing.

Cover letters may not be required every time, but sending one is beneficial more often than not. Experts suggest that it can be your only way to explain resume details not deduced immediately, such as employment gaps and major career shifts. Don’t miss this chance to introduce yourself and let your future employers reflect on your character and interest level.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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