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Spread the word about your business and make sure it sticks. Canva’s logo sticker maker is free and easy to use, no graphic design or any art background necessary. Make your logo into stickers you can use as product labels, packaging seals, or freebies.

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Take your marketing and promotions to the next level with eye-catching logo stickers or laptop stickers(opens in a new tab or window) guaranteed to leave an impression on your customers. Canva’s online logo and sticker maker makes the design process incredibly simple. Simply choose the template you like best, and go straight to editing. In just a few clicks, you have yourself a high-quality, branded sticker to share your name with the world.

Use your logo stickers as part of your product packaging. Hand them out during events. Put them on bulletin boards, lamp posts, and the back of cars. Make your own sticker logos today, and see what they can do to elevate your marketing.

How to create a logo sticker

Make a logo sticker

Make a logo sticker

Get your brand noticed and not just seen

Logo stickers aren’t your run-of-the-mill corporate swag item. They’re your brand, brought to life. In a lot of ways, they can be thought of as mini billboards that attract customers and drive sales. Take advantage of Canva’s free sticker logo maker to make your own logo stickers. You can also get them printed as logo magnets(opens in a new tab or window). Even for beginners, creating high-quality designs is easy with our collection of editable templates and design elements.

Use your custom logo sticker to seal your packaging. Add them on thank you cards for your customers. Include them as freebies during trade shows and events. When you make a logo sticker, it’s more than simply slapping your logo on a printable template. Instead, you’re showcasing your unique brand identity in creative ways that really make your brand stand out from the competition.

Create a logo sticker with ease

Stickers are incredibly nifty tools for getting your name out there, you can use Canva's name generator(opens in a new tab or window)for name ideas. They can be used in a variety of ways and placed on any surface — windows, cars, notebooks, laptops, you name it! Canva’s custom logo sticker maker is completely free and easy to use. Selecting a template takes you straight to the online editor, where you can freely personalize your design to suit your needs.

Do basic image adjustments like resizing and flipping. Make text changes using the many different font options and color pickers. You can also access our content library, with thousands of royalty-free stock images, vectors, and graphics to level up your design. With Canva, we make it a breeze to create your own logo stickers that’ll really stick with your audience.

Design, display, decorate

To truly make your logo into a sticker, send your design to a local print shop or order high-quality prints from Canva Print. Then stick it to your brochures, flyers, or any goodie bags you give away. Ensure your customers remember your brand by stamping your name onto every product, order, and freebie you serve up. Create sticker logos using Canva’s beginner-friendly online logo sticker maker, and have your products flying off the shelves in no time.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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