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Turn your imagination into reality and create the sticker(opens in a new tab or window) of your dreams. Flaunt your passions and interests, promote your small business, or proudly rep your awesome fandom. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do, let your creative juices flow and design your ideal sticker with Canva’s free online sticker maker.

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Stickers are one of the most fun and best tools of expression ever invented. To some, a sticker may just be a piece of adhesive with text and graphics that will just eventually wear and peel off. For many, it’s an extension of their personalities; it is a sneak peek into captivating life stories worth talking over drinks. For people who own businesses, a sticker may be the best thing that helps them grow their community and boost sales.

With Canva’s free sticker creator, imagination is your only limit. Work your magic by starting from scratch or customizing one from our rich collection of sticker templates, then handpick from over 100 million design ingredients to create your masterpiece finally.

Delighted with your final design? You could publish it at home or let Canva Print do the work for you! You can expect your stickers in a couple of days, and you’d be ready to show off your awesome stickers.

How to make a sticker

Make your own stickers

Open Canva on your desktop or launch the app to get started. Edit right away or login to an account using Google or Facebook, then search for “Stickers” to jumpstart your project.

Select a sticker template from our library, or you could also start from scratch. Should you choose a template, you can dip into various choices of themes and styles. Pick the best one that fits your sticker ideas.

Play around with layouts, shapes, illustrations, font choices, and color combinations. Add your selfie or upload your brand assets for better customization. You can even feature other elements like a Bitmoji, include your drawing, or generate a QR code.

Collaborate with your peers to come up with more enjoyable designs. Create custom sticker packs everyone will love. When you’re happy with your final design, download it in high-resolution JPEG or PNG that you can share with others and print it in the comforts of your own home.

Get your stickers professionally printed with Canva Print. Set your desired size, choice of material finish like matte or gloss, and a number of print copies. We’ll deliver it to you for free right at your doorstep.
Make your own stickers

Grow communities with visual identities

From marketing campaigns and counterculture movements to political rallies and fandom gatherings, stickers have been popular agents of identification and socialization. They are so recognizable that someone will surely resonate upon seeing them even when you visit a different city or country. When you create custom stickers you can build and strengthen your own community and let your stickers be a badge of identity as you move around.

Using Canva’s online sticker maker, you can access our extensive library of elements to pick a standout visual cue for your group. Add illustrations and icons or form shapes to create a cute representation. Make a sticker from photos you upload from your gallery or browse our stock images and personalize them easily with our photo-editing tools.

Sport it anywhere, for anything

Stickers are affordable, easy to produce, and instantly visible. It makes for a great awareness tool for businesses, especially those just starting. You can print promotional offers, attach store information, or put striking call-to-actions. But, for many individuals, stickers help twist ordinary and mundane items into something creative, adding some personality and flair to them.

Find something to go with your car dashboard, bumper, or your work laptop like laptop stickers(opens in a new tab or window). You can even customize stickers for the holidays. Pair your personalized gifts(opens in a new tab or window) with your theme for Halloween or Christmas. Need to spice up your products or store? Make freebies using illustrative and interactive stickers that can boost customer experience and engagement. Simply browse our free templates collection and personalize a ready-made layout of your choice using our sticker maker.

Take pride in your stickers

Carry your stickers with pride as you attach them to your favorite mug, pint glass(opens in a new tab or window), bag, or notebook. Use it to decorate your items and show off your personality with creativity. Share your printable sticker designs with your community and peers, and then download them in high-resolution image formats to distribute stunning prints.

Using Canva Print, you’ll receive environmentally-friendly stickers wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Along with our quest to come up with sustainable printing solutions, we’re also planting a tree for every print order. Open Canva on your web browser or app to kick off your printable promotional product(opens in a new tab or window) design.


You don’t need a special printer to make homemade stickers. A regular inkjet printer and a sticker paper of your choice will work. But of course, it will be best to do some planning to avoid wasting ink or paper. Think of an exciting sticker design idea and run it with our online sticker maker tool. Do a test print before you finally publish it on sticker paper. Dry it on a flat surface for a few minutes, and voila, you’re ready to use stickers on your items.

A sticker can be a type of label, but not all labels are stickers. Stickers are either printed, made from cut vinyl, or are just blank to allow you to write on them or draw on them yourself. A label is an informative sticker. So they often have instructions or descriptions written on them. They aren’t usually used outdoors but are more suited to shipping and address labels, name tags, or packaging.

Like how printable stickers spark a conversation, digital stickers help boost your stories and chats. They are simply images with a transparent background that you can upload to online messaging apps. Using our sticker maker tool, you can also create a sticker pack with a common theme and style, then download them in transparent PNG images.
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