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Add emoji to photo for a fun, creative twist

Get your point across without saying a word. Use emojis to express a wide range of emotions in a snap. Whether you’re sending a flirty message, personalizing your cover photo, or sharing a funny thought, add emojis to photos to spruce up your visual content.

Say it with emojis

Add fun and colorful emojis to your photos

Express yourself creatively by putting emojis on your pictures for free on Canva. From funny faces and cute animals to cool symbols, plenty of fun and colorful emojis let you convey meaning and emotion in your content—something that’s not always possible with words alone. Show your personality with a grinning cat emoji, create humor with a zany face, or add emotional subtext to an otherwise gray message with a simple heart. Choose the emoji that perfectly matches the sentiment you want to express and create more engaging content for your audience.

Design it your way

Easily edit and add emojis to your photos

Edit with emojis to add visual appeal to your photos. Use Canva’s intuitive photo editor(opens in a new tab or window) to drag and drop any emoji and customize it any way you want. Select Duotone to add a trendy duotone effect to your emoji, choose Pixelate to achieve a bold, lo-fi look, or use the Trippy effect to give your emoji a futuristic psychedelic feel. You can also resize, crop, or flip your emoji instantly for the perfect placement in your images. Want to make an even bigger impact? Apply animated emojis to really bring your message across.

Turn your content from bland to brilliant

Add playful emojis to your photos

Adding playful emojis to your photo and even video content can quickly transform them into eye-catching visuals. Decorate your winter vacation picture with multiple snowflakes, share a milestone email with clinking glasses or beer mugs, or put a dog face emoji on your puppy’s first social media post. Add emojis to photos for free on Canva and infuse your image with style, capture the attention of your audience, and make your message even more memorable.

How to put emojis on pictures

How to put emojis on pictures
Add emoji to photo

Launch Canva from a web browser or the app to add emojis to pictures online. Explore our collection of pre-made templates, or start a design project from scratch.

Upload the image you want to edit by selecting it from your device and dragging and dropping it onto the layout. Alternatively, you can choose from free stock photos available in our media library.

Click Emoji on the left sidebar. Scroll through a wide variety of smileys, symbols, animals, and food emojis, and choose one that suits the message or feeling you want to convey. Or use the search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for. You can also add text and type your desired emoji using the emoji keyboard on your device.

Customize your emoji by moving its position in your image, flipping it upside down, or playing with different effects. You can likewise edit your entire image with filters, image enhancers, frames, and other graphic design elements from our library.

Happy with your final edit? Download your image in high-quality JPG, PNG, or PDF formats. Share it with your email list or publish it directly to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles right from the editor.
Add emoji to photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Add an emoji to your photo in two ways. Once you’re in our online editor, click Apps on the left sidebar and select Emoji. You’ll see a wide range of emojis to express every idea, feeling, or message. Alternatively, insert a blank text box using the Text option and type your desired smiley, food, animal, or nature emoji using the emoji keyboard on your device.

Download our iOS or Android app to add emojis to your favorite photos. Start a design project from your desktop or mobile device. Access the same tools and features and seamlessly edit as you switch between devices.

Customize your chosen emoji using our desktop or mobile app. Drag the corners to resize, flip it horizontally or vertically, or use the crop tool to keep a particular part of your emoji. For more customization options, select Edit image and choose from a variety of effects like Duotone, Trippy, Pixelate, and more to suit the look you’re going for.
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