Say It Loud with a Drag and Drop Speech Bubble

Tell your photos to speak up! Choose from our collection of whispering or outrageous speech bubbles to add dialog and sound effects to your designs.

Browse our selection of speech bubbles for every mood or exclamation


Give some dialog to your best friend Jill with a speech bubble! Speech bubbles are little circles containing words or sounds that have a “tail” which points to the person speaking. To add a speech bubble, simply search our image library for “speech bubble” and scroll through plenty of quirky, colorful bubbles. The shape and style of the bubble helps convey the emotion of the speech it holds, so scroll to find the bubble that captures Jill’s essence perfectly.

Fill your speech bubbles with text to give your photos a voice


Next it’s time to be a wordsmith! If your speech bubble already has text inside (like “Hello!”), click on the text and start typing. You don’t even have to worry about running out of space — we’ll resize your text as you type. If your speech bubble is blank you can add text(opens in a new tab or window) of your own by clicking on the “text” pane, then dragging some text on top of the bubble. Select the text to type your dialog, or change your text’s color, size, and font by clicking on the menu bar.

Customize your speech bubble’s colors to accent your photos


Harmonize your design by customizing the colors of your speech bubble. Select the bubble and click on the colored circles to choose new colors from the color palette, or get the exact right hue from the color wheel. For example, if your friends are perched among autumn foliage, color your speech bubble in orange and auburn to fit the season. Or if you want a traditional comic book effect, choose loud contrasting colors and fill your dialog with exclamation points!

Capture your friend’s thoughts with speech bubble frames


Sometimes an image can capture our feelings far better than words. When you want someone to literally roar like a lion, or depict a friend’s dreamy thoughts of a sumptuous crème brûlée, its time for a speech bubble frame. Search our image library for “speech bubble frame” and choose a shape to drag into your design. Then fill the frame with any image by dragging it into the frame. We’ll handle the cropping for you, and if you’d like to make adjustments simply select the speech bubble and choose “crop(opens in a new tab or window).”

Pair grids with speech bubbles to make snappy comic strips


Are you ready to unleash onto the world the comic adventures of you and your friends? We’ve got all the tools you need. Simply start a new design and click the “grid(opens in a new tab or window)” button in the search pane to choose from many different panel layouts. Then drag and drop photos into the panels to tell your story. Add speech bubbles, caption text, or even stickers(opens in a new tab or window) and stamps to create a simple comic strip that you can share with all your followers to rake in the laughs and the likes.

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