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Change the speed of GIFs with our online speed changer

Create the next viral hit, deep dive into moments that rocked the internet, or promote your content with popular memes. Have an animated image, but the frame rate isn’t right? Speed up or slow down a GIF with Canva’s GIF speed changer.

Show off your sense of humor with GIFs

Adjust the speed of your GIF

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an internet personality, or someone who just likes to be online, using humorous GIFs boosts your online profile. Post a slowed-down or sped-up popular video footage as a reaction or a digital marketing tactic. Change the speed of a GIF to fit your purpose with Canva’s GIF speed adjuster. Make it snappier and more fun by trimming(opens in a new tab or window) and cropping(opens in a new tab or window) the footage to show only the essential parts.

Put the focus on your favorite scenes

Add graphics and emojis to your GIFs

If observing pop culture is your passion, try your hand at studying current internet trends and creating interesting content out of it. Match your analysis with GIFs of memes and other viral hits. Dissect them with a slower playback that you’ve edited with Canva’s GIF speed changer. Place graphics such as arrows, circles, and emojis to call the viewers’ attention to details. Create text boxes and type short reactions to add flair to your content, too.

Stay hip to internet culture

Flip your GIFs horizontally or vertically

Curate your business’s online presence and stay internet-savvy by keeping up to date with meme culture. Show off your GIFs at perfect speeds depending on what your audience finds funny, cool, or trendy. Start off by converting a GIF that complements your brand with Canva’s GIF to MP4 converter(opens in a new tab or window). After downloading the file, upload it and adjust the GIF speed with our video editor. Enhance(opens in a new tab or window) its colors for greater effect through filters(opens in a new tab or window) or our color correction functions. Copy and flip the footage horizontally or vertically for a cool mirror(opens in a new tab or window) effect. When you’re done, convert it back into a GIF to share online.

How to change GIF speed

How to change GIF speed
Change GIF speed

Open the Canva app on your desktop or mobile phone to start a new design project.

To adjust the speed of your GIF, upload the file and convert it into an MP4 file. Download the converted file, and upload it on Canva to modify its playback speed.

Accelerate or slow down the converted GIF using our video editor. Click the Playback button on the editing deck, and drag the slider from left to right to determine its speed. Do this for each frame, or apply a standard speed for all the clips.

Support the slow-motion or sped-up effect with various enhancements. Make its colors clearer and brighter with filters. Add graphics or text for stronger impact. Crop or resize the clip to highlight a moment, then trim excess footage for brevity. You can also flip your video and create mirrors for a fun effect.

After changing its speed and making modifications, download the footage as a GIF file. Post it on your socials, share it through email or group chats, and include it in longer videos.
Change GIF speed

Frequently Asked Questions

First, make your GIF editable through our free GIF to MP4 converter. Then, upload the converted GIF file to change its speed on our video editor. Aside from toggling its speed, you can improve its colors, trim and crop the footage, or flip the video for better effects. These additional functions make that extra step of converting your GIF first worth it. After you’re done editing, download your customized video in GIF format.

A GIF’s speed changes depending on the number of frames it has. Too many and it plays slowly. You can remedy this by deleting some frames, ideally at a ratio of one per two frames. Pick repeating ones as well as those that don’t contain text, graphics, or important scenes. Having a reduced number of frames will adjust your GIF’s speed accordingly.

Your standard GIF has a speed of anywhere between 15 to 24 frames per second. The higher the number of frames, the bigger the file size becomes. It also takes longer to load and play. For a GIF that you plan to share online, it’s advisable to give it the smallest file size possible that wouldn’t compromise its visual quality.
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