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Grow in every channel with a captivating link in bio

Lead your followers to your other sites and social profiles with a beautiful link in bio website. Create a free link in bio with multiple URLs, incredible graphics, and beautiful, responsive features.

Organize your digital content for easy discovery

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Hyping up your latest project? Selling a variety of products? Promoting a glowing business review? You don’t have to choose which content to highlight. Create a link in bio for your Instagram, TikTok, or any social media, and grow your following on all platforms. Publish your link in bio site for free with a domain and let your followers explore more of your content.

Keep your link in bio website on brand

Customize your link in bio site

Our website builder makes it easy to build a free link in bio site aligned with your branding. Start with a ready-made template, then customize it to your brand colors and font styles. Use the drag-and-drop editor to add your photos, logos, and graphic elements like social media icons. You can also customize the URL of your link in bio website for a professional look.

Convert views and clicks to sales

Easily check the real-time views of your link in bio site

Lead followers to your shop and help boost your sales. With our link in bio tools, you can easily highlight your shop and feature products in the link in bio page. Want to streamline the web design(opens in a new tab or window)? Use a URL shortener(opens in a new tab or window) for the links. If you’re on Pro, you can use Canva’s Website Insights to track traffic and engagement straight from Canva, so you don’t have to integrate any third-party analytics.

Offer a mobile-friendly navigation

Resize your link in bio site and publish it to the web

After designing your link in bio site, you can preview how it will look on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Using our free website builder, your new link in bio will be responsive and look good on any screen and device. Your followers can easily scroll, explore, and interact with the content of your link in bio.

How to create a link in bio

How to create a link in bio
Create a link in bio

Launch Canva and type “Link in bio” or “Bio link” in the search bar to discover templates for link in bio websites. Click your chosen template.

Edit the text on the template and add the content you want to promote. Drag and drop your photos and graphics. You can also add images and icons from our free media library.

Highlight a text and click the hyperlink icon that appears. Enter the link to the destination page. Do this step for all the links you want to put on your link in bio.

Preview how your link in bio website would look on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices before publishing.

Click Publish Website. Select where to publish it: on a free Canva domain or an existing domain for Canva Pro users. Customize the URL and click Publish to get it live on the web.
Create a link in bio

Frequently Asked Questions

As its name suggests, a link in bio is a link found in the bio section of a social media page. Often, it leads to the social media account owner’s website, online store, or portfolio to direct more traffic to these pages. People also use the link in bio to promote their recent publication, coverage, or review of their work.

In many cases, the link on the bio leads to a landing page containing multiple links leading to different websites.

Canva Websites are free for any Canva user to grab, customize, and publish under the domain. Other features, like purchasing a unique domain within Canva or linking to your existing domain, are available when you upgrade to Canva Pro.

Canva Free users can have up to five live websites on the free domain. Purchase domains or upgrade your membership to publish more. To learn more about publishing Canva websites, check out this guide.

You can find a social media account’s link in bio in the bio section of their page. It’s the website link featured under a short description of themselves or their account. If you’re looking for a specific URL mentioned in a post, click the link in bio, and it will lead you to a site featuring multiple links. Look for the image that matches the post and click it.

To add a link in bio to your Instagram or TikTok page, go to your account, edit your profile, and add the URL of your link in bio page. Save the changes you’ve made on your profile so the link in bio shows up on your account.
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