Get a sheer effect with a transparent image

Bring your picture, background, and text seamlessly. Try our free transparency slider tool to give your design balance and harmony. Upload an image file, adjust the slider, and get that instant soft overlay effect.

Make images transparent for beautifully subtle designs

Give your photos a veiled look when you try out Canva’s transparency slider. Change the transparency of any photo, illustration, or graphics to create faint, delicate impressions, perfect for pairing with spacey text with plenty of lead. You can combine semi-transparent images with other design elements to produce captivating overlays, textured effects, or perfect color mixes to evoke subtlety, nostalgia, or mystery.

Turn transparent shapes as text holders

Convert your shapes into an artistic spot to direct your reader’s eyes. Pick any shape from our library, select a color, and adjust the transparency slider to your liking. Move and scale your transparent shapes with texts you can carefully curate from our font styles and formatting options. Create interesting shape and text combinations like call-to-action website buttons to convert traffic into sign-ups, an abstract header for your presentation, or a save-the-date card’s elegant text block dressed in gentle pastel color.

Use a transparent image as a background

We have plenty of open, spacious background images to choose from in the Background pane, but why stop there? Any photo can be a background! Upload any image or art in PNG or JPG for free from your gallery. Resize your photo to fill the page, and open the transparency slider. Slowly move the slider to the left until your text, photos, and all your essential design elements stand out nicely. Next, experiment with photo effects to make your background even more subtle, remove noise and clutter, or provide complementary colors for your design.

Sign with a transparent watermark

Let everyone know where the next landmark viral photo comes from without a big, gnarly logo getting in the way of your design. Curious about how to make a logo transparent? Simply drag and drop a logo from your website, company, or brand into your image. Move your logo to a corner or another unobtrusive place, and then apply transparency until your logo is only faintly noticeable. Now you can download your work with a transparent watermark, not ruining its impact!

Experiment with a transparent text

Whether they represent faint whispers or convey subtle, emotive inspirations, bolster your design expressively with transparent texts. Use the text tool to add words to negative space in a photo or layer them on top of your photo’s subject. Choose your font style, size, and color, then adjust the transparency slider until your text barely dips into the background. For an artsy look, use several text samples in the same design with different styles and levels of transparency to create a beautiful text mosaic. Design whenever and wherever inspiration strikes when you download the Canva app on desktop, iOS, or Android.

How to make an image transparent

  1. Upload your picture
    Open Canva. Start a new project when you upload an image file right away or choose a design template. You can also use stock photos available in the library.
  2. Add more elements
    Explore our rich library of free and premium design elements. Add text to photos to caption them or put a catchy one-liner. Find more icons, shapes, illustrations, and graphics on your layout.
  3. Adjust image or text transparency
    Get the soft, dreamy touch or color effect you need by playing around with our transparency slider tool. You can apply this to any picture or text in the layout to achieve their new look. Hold Shift and click on the elements to adjust multiple assets at once.
  4. Personalize your design
    Convert your layout into personalized designs. Use our image enhancer tool to apply a photo filter, remove the picture background, and change the color effect. Add borders or crop images to frame it with a new perspective.
  5. Download and share
    Finalize your design and download it in multiple high-resolution file formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, or even MP4 video. Get transparent images and texts that you can share digitally or publish in Canva Print products.
Make a transparent image or text

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