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Maximize the power of expression with personalized emojis. Turn portraits into fun and relatable emojis with the custom emoji maker found on Canva. And if you’re just searching for cool ready-to-use emojis, browse Canva’s expansive library to find the perfect one.

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Since they were introduced in the late 90s, emojis have now become a part of our daily lives. With so many emojis to choose from, these icons can be used in a myriad of ways. For online creators, emojis add a pinch of fun to content. For teachers, emojis can make educational tools more engaging. And marketers can play up their brand’s persona with the right emoji.

No matter how you use them, emojis should convey your message in seconds. But why settle for generic ones when you can whip up custom emojis with Canva’s emoji creator?

How to make an emoji

Create an emoji

Create a new Canva design or open an existing one. Remember, you can use emojis on both static and animated designs.

the editor. In the search bar, type Emojify if you want to use an emoji maker app or type Emoji to discover hundreds of ready-to-use emojis.

With Emojify, you can convert a photo into 12 varying icons. To do so, click “Select image” and choose an image with a face from your device. Once generated, click on or drag it to the design.

Edit your emoji or even the entire design, animate it, adjust its contrast and cropping, and use colors from your Brand Kit (Pro). Insert more elements from our massive media library.

Save your emoji-fied design in PNG, JPG, PDF, or MP4 format. Share it via a quick view link. Publish social posts directly from the app, or schedule them with the Content Planner (Pro).
Create an emoji

Be the star of your own emojis

Emojify your face in one click, and let these unique icons express your emotions. With illustrated elements added over your original photo, you can demonstrate shock, sadness, awe, and more in seconds. You can even turn a group of people into emoji-fied cowboys or googly-eyed fans using the same generator. Get laughs by placing these emojis on greeting cards, posters, or shirts.

Create branded tools from hundreds of customizable icons

Explore our vast emoji library to find the best symbols for people, animals, objects, activities, and places. Then, tweak it to match your associated colors and identity. Help online followers identify your content easily by reusing your on-brand emojis in any Canva design.

Elevate the learning process

As an educator, you can create personalized emojis to develop exciting and memorable learning materials for your students. Whether it’s teaching emotions through flashcards or introducing musical instruments via an animated video, emojis can serve as highly visual guides that make learning even more fun.

Increase online engagement with relatable emojis

Captivate audiences by adding your own emojis in an Instagram Story. Emphasize a feeling with customized icons featured in a TikTok video. As a content creator, advertiser, or marketer, effectively capture people’s attention without using words.


An emoji maker helps users create their own emojis. These emojis can be used in their personal or professional projects.

Emoji generators work in a few different ways. With some generators, you can type in a specific text that is turned into a custom emoji. Other emoji creator apps allow you to craft your own emoji faces or combine two existing icons. Meanwhile, our design platform lets you add flair to your own photos with faces or customize existing emojis further.

Some websites claim to provide free emoji generating services, but not all of them are totally free. Depending on the emoji builder, you may be asked to make an account or download their app to access all its features. Others may offer a limited number of free emojis per day. The emoji generator found on our platform is 100% free to use and fully customizable.

Definitely. It works the same way on a desktop computer as on a mobile device. As long as you’ve got internet access, you can create custom emojis through your chosen maker and device. After designing, you can save it directly to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

This depends on the emoji generator you choose to use. With our online design platform, you have the freedom to create emojis or pick a random emoji from the app or directly on your desktop. All you need is to log in or sign up to get started.
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