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Utilize icons to represent people, places, and objects in a visually appealing manner. Add them to your presentations, infographics, or social media posts to complement your data and help your audience piece together new information. With Canva’s icon maker, you can create custom and ready-to-use icons in minutes.

Create Icons Lead

Brand fit icons for all your collaterals

Creating icons unique to your brand that are still universally recognizable can be convenient and easy. On Canva’s free online icon maker, you can generate icons with the help of our available layouts and tools. Easily create visual and textual synergies in your messaging with artistic icons that match the theme and topic of your brand’s social media post or your company’s monthly report.

Start from scratch inspired by our icon designs, or customize the icon templates available in our catalog. You can effortlessly make changes on our intuitive design editor by dragging and dropping graphic elements to and from your canvas. Explore our library and combine different shapes and blobs(opens in a new tab or window), or generate vectors using the AI vector generator(opens in a new tab or window) to form a unique icon representing a specific text or subject. Then, once finished, download your work in whatever format you need to use on your other design projects.

How to make an icon

Make an icon

Open Canva and search “Icon” to start your design project.

Browse through our icon templates. You can use one of our ready-made icon packs or customize them further. Make handpicking easier by setting filters to organize your options according to color, theme, or style.

Swap out all the pre-added elements like colors, background, text, vectors, illustrations, and photos. Add more custom icons in the pack using different shapes. Resize and change their positions as you see fit.

Add embellishments from our extensive library into your layout to make it your own. You can also upload your own assets, like images. Use our photo editing tools to style your icons according to your brand colors, gradients, and theme.

Finalize your icons with your team by sharing editing access to your design. Download your customized icons in either JPG or PNG format and use them immediately in your other Canva designs like presentations, infographics, and more.
Make an icon

Read between the icons

Cut the text in your infographics, portfolio website(opens in a new tab or window), videos, and social media posts, and make them easily digestible for your audience. Icons can be a great way to lead the eyes of your readers, mark a section, and structure your information well. Create icons that aid readability and replace and speak for some of the dense text on your collaterals.

With Canva’s free online icon maker, you can work with ready-made layouts for icon packs of a certain style or use. Represent a place in your location or an item from your product list from scratch or our icon templates. Make customized icons by changing the color scheme, texture, background, or even text on each one in the group. With Pro, you can even use Brand Kit to ensure you follow your brand guide across all icons you make.

Photo edit on the same platform

It’s all about the details when you create icons or iOS icons(opens in a new tab or window). Make the most out of your custom icons by repurposing them and adding them to your wide range of marketing materials. Need an abstract, geometric touch for your architectural design presentation? Or a modern, sleek look for a brochure on your latest technologies? You can transform and diversify well-recognized icons by choosing styles depending on your design project.

Achieve a good balance among different elements in your icons such as images, fonts, and colors with our built-in photo editing features. Tweak them with handy tools such as crop, flip, or rotate to frame a photo or shape well and resize to scale and position your icons in perfect dimensions. Use our image enhancers to add depth with shadows and highlights or adjust colors and hues according to your liking. That way, you ensure that design quality is consistent on every icon.

Design legendary icons in minutes

Create icons for free online without the need for additional software or intensive graphic design knowledge. Our icon creator has beginner-friendly editing tools, and our dashboard is easy to navigate. As long as you have your artistic vision in mind and the motivation to bring your vision to fruition, you can generate numerous designs in minutes. You can even work with your team in real time and build multiple icons for your pack.

Canva’s icon editor also lets you in on our extensive design library. With a massive assortment of graphics at your disposal, you can create as many unique icons as you want. You can include fonts, patterns, and embellishments in your design. Upload your own images and transform them into customized icons. Now, it doesn’t take a lifetime or a complicated journey to generate icons.


Icons are graphics that may represent a person, place, or object. Unlike a pictogram or symbol, they’re less abstract and must maintain resemblance to what it’s representing to be universally recognizable. In addition, icons are mostly on signages, mobile devices, the internet, and places that need to communicate instructions or provide answers without using words

Using our icon maker, you can make a pack by simply adding a page to your work in progress. You can opt to duplicate the template you’re customizing, start with a blank canvas, or drag and drop a new template from our library. Afterward, don’t forget to download all pages to produce an icon pack.

You can create transparent icons on our icon creator by simply opting to save your work in PNG format and ticking the box with the transparent background option. That way, when you download, your background will be transparent and ready to place on top of collaterals or layered on other graphic elements, effortlessly and seamlessly.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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