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When “😂” just doesn’t cut it, it’s time to bust out the custom emojis. Discover Canva’s pre-made, customizable emoji templates for your Discord server, and use our free online editor to personalize these emotes for your community.

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Get the right reaction with custom Discord emotes

Sometimes, words are just not enough. That’s why we have emojis. They’re fun, easy to use, and make all the difference in conversations. But default emoji sets can be limiting in both the number of options and the vibes they give off.

Luckily for Discord users, Discord lets you express your true self with custom emojis or emotes that you can make and upload yourself.

Canva has put together dozens of emojis and reactions you can use and customize for your Discord servers. With our free emoji maker for Discord, you can create an emote for every variation of your IRL reactions. You can make an emoji for your “Ha ha that’s funny” moments and another one for “Ha ha this is so awkward” situations. You can even make emotes for server members, so they can really feel a part of the community.

How to make Discord emotes

Make Discord emotes

Open Canva or launch the mobile app. Search for “Discord emotes” to make custom Discord emojis.

Browse dozens of beautifully-designed emoji templates to get inspired for your own custom design. Use the filters to make it easier to find layouts that match your Discord server based on style, theme, and color scheme.

Make full use of our beginner-friendly editing platform to create your fully personalized Discord emojis. Play with simple fonts and colors or go with the wackiest combinations. Spice it up by adding free graphics, images, and vectors from our media library. Easily make an emoji set that’s unique to your online community.

Create emojis that truly represent your server by sending your Discord buddies an invite link to your design. Work with them in real-time and leave comments and react emojis on parts of the design you love or would like to improve.

Polish your design by working on your friends’ feedback and adding your final touches. Cap off your design by finally downloading your emojis in a static PNG or animated GIF file type.
Make Discord emotes

Personalize your server experience

Like any community, Discord servers are all about having a sense of belonging. Custom emojis made just for your server is one way to really liven up conversations and bring the members even closer. So make Discord emojis that represent each of your members. Turn your inside jokes or favorite expressions into reaction buttons. Or finally make that one emoji (or three!) you always need but no emote packet ever seems to have. The sky’s the limit when you can customize your emojis to your heart’s content.

Make emotes like a pro

With dozens of pre-made, customizable templates at your disposal, even design newbies can create masterpieces. Take advantage of a wide array of high-quality emoji templates to capture your every mood and reaction, from funny LOL moments to a serious show of support and everything else under the sun.

Make the most of our Discord emote maker with super intuitive editing tools. You have all the design resources you need to create your own full set of custom Discord emojis.

Design to your heart’s content—for free!

The best things in life are free—and that includes cool, meaningful emojis for your Discord chats! Get inspired by our free, professional emoji templates, so you don’t have to make Discord emojis completely from scratch. Then, personalize them on our free online editor.

Discord limits the number of custom emotes to 50 per server, but you can still create an unlimited number of custom Discord emojis to use on different servers. Or you could update old designs. No limits, no watermarks—just custom-made emotes tailored for you and your community.


You can use any Free elements to create your custom emojis, either as part of an emoji design (with fonts and other graphics) or as standalone downloads. Pro elements can’t be used, as our Pro license doesn’t cover use in emojis. Read our Content License Agreement to learn more about the permitted uses of our Free and Pro content.

Our Content License Agreement does not allow the re-sale or redistribution of content. So if you are using elements from our library to create your emojis, you can’t sell them. You can read more about our Content License Agreement here.

Note: if you are uploading your own content to create emojis (e.g. illustrations you have designed yourself or photos you have taken) you are free to use these however you like.

Discord has plenty of default emojis to spruce up any conversation, and they can be accessed in a couple of ways. The first and simplest is by clicking or tapping on the emoji menu and choosing an emoji. The second is for seasoned Discord users who know their favorite emojis by heart. Just type the name of the emoji bracketed by two colons, like “:smile:” for 😄.

You can add personalized emojis if you’re a server owner or if you have “Manage emoji” permissions. After downloading your designs from our Discord emoji maker, head to your server and navigate to “Server Settings,” then go to the “Emoji” tab. There, click “Upload Emoji” and upload up to 50 custom emojis. Keep in mind that your custom emojis are for personal use only, and can only be used on the server they’re uploaded to.

For best results, upload a custom Discord emote in either PNG (static images, usually with transparent backgrounds) or GIF (animated) format. It should be a maximum of 128x128 pixels and doesn’t exceed 256KB.

Pro tip: When you make Discord emojis, it’s better to work at a bigger size so that you can see all the details. Once you’re done, save your design, then resize it on a new working file to meet Discord’s dimension requirements.

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