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When :HeyGuys: or :LUL: just doesn’t cut it in your live stream chats, you need a more expressive and customized Twitch emote that you and your channel subscribers understand and connect with.

Start with Canva’s free Twitch emote maker—an easy-to-use and fun tool for creating exclusive emojis for your channel. Choose from our gallery of Twitch emote templates and emoticon sets.

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Customizable emote templates to reward subscribers and win new followers

Make your Twitch live streaming experience even more unique with emote designs that truly speak to you and your subs. Choose from any of our pre-made emote templates and personalize them to fit your channel needs.

With Canva’s free Twitch emote maker, you can take inspiration from multiple Twitch emote design ideas to gain new subscribers. Or, delight your fans by adding flair to a customizable emoticon template. From cute animal emotes to popping typeform emoticon sets, you can easily drag and drop complementary graphic elements, change color schemes, and insert text.

How to make Twitch emotes

  1. Open Canva

    Open up Canva and search for "Twitch Emote." Keep in mind an emote color scheme or design style that matches your personality or channel. The best Twitch emotes follow a consistent design style or theme. For example, you may pick an illustrated emote set if you have a creative yet laid-back stream. Or, get a black and blue color scheme with geometric shapes if you have a pro-gamer channel.

  2. Select a Twitch emote template

    Next, select a Twitch emote template that best fits the design style or branding theme you’ve chosen. Browse through our library of pre-made emote templates. Alternatively, start with a blank template and create your emote design from scratch.

  3. Personalize with graphics and images

    Customize your emote by changing the design colors, font styles, and font sizes. You can add other graphic elements like stickers, icons, logos, or photos. Make sure to remove any background from any image you add. Otherwise, complex backgrounds can affect the quality of your emotes.

  4. Download as a transparent PNG file

    Then, save and download your emotes as transparent PNG files. These files must be square PNG images under 100KB if manually uploaded or under 1MB if the auto-resize upload option is chosen.

  5. Upload on Twitch

    Finally, you can upload your custom emotes on Twitch. Go to your channel’s creator dashboard. On the left sidebar, look for the Subscriber Emotes option. Upload your emotes and add your preferred emote code for each emote.

Make a Twitch emote

Reinforce your channel branding

Consistent channel branding is important in setting your stream apart on Twitch. With custom Twitch emotes, you can subtly incorporate your channel colors and style while letting your viewers have fun with channel-specific emotes.

Browse through our trove of templates to take inspiration from or customize Twitch emotes and various graphic assets for Twitch like screen overlays, banners, backgrounds, profile pictures, and stream panels. When you use on-brand Twitch design styles that match your personality and brand, viewers can easily distinguish and keep your channel a front-of-mind choice.

Celebrate and engage with channel members

Do more for your channel subscribers with the ultimate self-expression tool: custom Twitch emotes. As your channel grows, you can add more emotes that reflect inside jokes with your viewers and subscribers. Make emotes your own by using your photo or adding your most-used word into an emote design.

Celebrate channel milestones and fun moments with your fans by uploading new custom emotes that connect you and your subscribers. Build your community further by taking emoji design requests from your viewers. And with an engaged Twitch subscriber base, you can unlock custom animated emotes or Cheermotes. You can create them with Canva’s Twitch emote maker too.

Speak the language of your soul, er, subs

With free Canva’s emote maker, getting Twitch emote ideas is easy and done for you. This way, you can focus on chatting and bonding with people about what game you are playing or what is going on IRL.

A heart-eyed space cat? How about a grumpy hamster? We got you covered. Get cute animal emotes—from cats, frogs, hamsters, and chickens sporting different emotions and moods. Explore various type-based emotes too—choose from comic and pixel art-themed emoji sets.

Say what you truly want on your stream’s chats with any of these Twitch emotes. Personalize them to match your audience’s personality as well. Growing your channel is indeed more fun and creative with custom Twitch emotes.


A Twitch emote is a Twitch-specific emoticon aiming to engage and reward viewers of a channel. Emotes on Twitch often use custom illustrations, art, or the streamer’s face depicting different emotions, moods, or actions. Streamers who reach the Affiliate or Partner level can upload their own emotes.

The number and type of emotes you get will vary depending on your streamer level. A newbie streamer will get the default global emotes while Affiliate and Partner streamers get more emote slots and can upload more custom emotes according to the subscriber points they earn.

The best Twitch emote size is a transparent and square PNG image between 112 × 112 px and 4096 × 4096 px, with a file size not more than 1MB. Twitch emotes can also be manually uploaded in 28 × 28 px, 56 × 56 px, and 112 × 112 px image sizes; all file sizes must be under 100KB.

To add emotes on Twitch, first make sure that you have qualified as a Partner or Affiliate streamer. Then, on your channel settings on the left sidebar, select Viewer Rewards > Emotes > Subscriber Emotes. Click the + icon on your chosen tier to upload your emote files.

To get custom Twitch emotes, you need to level up your Twitch streaming level from a regular streamer to either an Affiliate or Partner streamer. To be an Affiliate streamer, you need to stream for 8 hours, on seven different days, with an average of 3 viewers, all within 30 days. Once you achieve this, you get Tier 1 Standard Emotes with 31 slots and one (1) additional slot on Tier 2 and Tier 3 for every unlocked subscriber points milestone.

To be a Partner streamer, you need to stream for 25 hours, on 12 different days, with an average of 75 viewers, all within 30 days. Upon achieving this, you access Tier 1 Standard Emotes with 31 slots and five (5) additional slots on Tier 2 and Tier 3 for every unlocked subscriber points milestone.

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