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Create landing pages that’ll help you progress towards your North Star metrics. Use Canva’s free website landing page maker to design custom pages that fit your brand and fulfill your company's needs, whether for showcasing your products or gathering emails for your newsletter.

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Land straight to your every intent

With our free online landing page creator, you can create custom pages no matter your niche, branding, or marketing campaign. Showcase your product in a landing page that’s attractive enough to secure a sale. Or engage your community with regular updates and correspondence in one site. You can start from scratch or edit our customizable designs ranging from minimalist to modern and even old-school to eccentric.

Build landing pages by dragging and dropping your official brand logos, fonts, and colors to your layout using our intuitive editing tools on our design dashboard. Spruce it up a bit by adding other design elements like illustrations, vectors, and stock photos from our extensive library to catch attention. Then, share a link to your landing page that customers and clients can interact with straight from Canva.

How to create a landing page

Make a landing page

Make a landing page

Convert marketing efforts

Go beyond reach and engagement. When you build landing pages, you invite your customers to learn more about your brand and call them to action. Increase product sales from your online store, gain traffic from your blog posts, and encourage readers to sign up for your newsletter or download files with landing pages meant for any of your consumer’s intent.

Either create a landing page from scratch or customize one of our landing page templates. We have ready-made layouts that fit any industry: modern and sleek for tech startups, chic for fashion brands, or young and trendy for your class. For a higher chance of conversion, don’t forget to include the following on your template: a photo of what you’re offering, a hyperlink to your download or a space where they can enter information, and a persuasive call-to-action.

Consistent branding offline and online

It’s always essential to stay on brand when producing promotional materials. Make everything seamless for every customer touchpoint, whether it be a print ad or a piece of digital information. With Canva’s landing page builder, match what they see on your flyers or social media posts to your site pages.

Building a consistent brand doesn’t have to be monotonous. Add your flair as you create landing pages that interact with your audience. Find graphic elements you’ve uploaded and used on your other projects from our all-in-one dashboard. You can also play around with our extensive stock images and videos to visually elaborate your message or apply textures, icons, and vectors to help users navigate your landing page.

No need for coding or graphic know-how

Whether you’re a startup with a limited workforce or a brand in need of a landing page for your short-term campaign as soon as possible, you can use Canva’s landing page maker to create your bridge to your digital community. Unlike websites and complicated graphic software, little to extensive coding and design expertise won’t get in the way. Easily navigate and use the tools available on our design dashboard.

Simply drag and drop elements for your landing page and go live to start interacting with your customers or clients. It’s a simple setup; no hassle of searching for a reliable site to host your landing page. Get your free Canva domain to put out up to five free websites, or purchase a personal domain through our platform and publish all you can. Use our slogan generator up to 50 times for free and unluck more with Canva Pro.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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