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Create a portfolio website that’s as unique and creative as you are. Impress potential clients and employers from the get-go with a stunning portfolio design made using Canva’s free online portfolio website builder. Easily create professional-looking portfolios that showcase your skills, qualifications, and best work sans the hassle of complicated online website builders or learning advanced graphic design features that takes time.

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Smart online portfolio website maker

Powered by our smart drag-and-drop editing tools and features, you can create a creative portfolio website(opens in a new tab or window) in minutes. Canva’s website builder lets you get down to business right away. Start inspired with professionally designed and fully editable portfolio website templates, create a new one on your own, or create a website mockup(opens in a new tab or window) to visualize your design. Showcase your past projects, work experiences, and best skills through beautiful graphs, timelines, and images. Get any free stock video footage or stock photos into your chosen portfolio layout with a simple drag and drop. Import your own fonts or use our free font library and present text into eye-catching headers and font combinations. Then, publish on the web easily with a free Canva domain or purchase a custom one for you.

How to make a portfolio website

Make a portfolio website

Open Canva and search “Portfolio Website” to start your design project. Beforehand, you can compile your best work and choose a theme.

Get inspired by a free portfolio template on Canva. Choose the best one-page portfolio website template you can find from our collection to match your brand or business. Alternatively, you can also create a portfolio website from a new blank template.

Decide on an overarching theme that will best showcase your personal brand. Stay on-brand by adding your logos, fonts, and colors. You can separately create a logo using Canva’s logo maker, or use a pre-made one.

Curate the best photos, videos, screenshots, or reviews of your past client work or personal projects. Personalize your portfolio by adding photos, illustrations, screenshots, text, and other graphic elements. Organize your work according to your chosen theme and style. Weave them all together to tell a story in one site.

Review and finalize your portfolio website design. Then, publish it as an online portfolio with our one-page website builder. Share digital copies of your portfolio online to clients or colleagues with a link, presentation, or multiple high-resolution formats you can also print in no time.
Make a portfolio website

Showcase your best work in one site

A good portfolio website design(opens in a new tab or window) is made out of well-chosen pieces (photos, videos, or even screenshots) that tell the story of what you are good at. Whether you are a writer, artist, graphic designer, model, software developer, or business owner, make sure that you select the best projects you’ve worked on or the pieces you are most proud of.

Start inspired with the hundreds of free portfolio website templates on Canva. You can choose between simple mobile-ready, one-page website templates to artful, detail-oriented showcases of your work. Edit each template page to emphasize the type of work you do best and the kind of client you want to work with. Canva’s website builder is packed with intuitive features and tools so it’s quick for you to explore and play with your portfolio design.

Additionally, for a comprehensive professional presentation, complement your portfolio with a standout resume using our AI resume builder(opens in a new tab or window).

Get your digital portfolio in minutes

With our online portfolio builder, you can publish and share your new portfolio website online in a few clicks. Create a one-page portfolio website and publish on the web with your own Canva site domain for free. Or, with Canva Pro, use a domain name search(opens in a new tab or window) tool and purchase your own custom domain.

Be found on Google and other search engines with our SEO-friendly website templates. All one-page site templates are mobile-responsive, so your portfolio looks as beautiful on mobile web, tablet, or other devices, as it is on desktop.

Easily share your digital portfolio with your clients and followers online with our built-in sharing capabilities. Click the Share button in the top-right corner of the website builder, then select the icon of the social media platform of your choice to automatically share a link to your new portfolio site. You can also download your portfolio in PDF, JPG, or PNG formats and share it directly to your socials or by email.

Spotlight your printed portfolio

When it makes more sense to design and create a physical copy of your portfolio than publish on the web, Canva Print is ready for you. Choose a photo book template or other printable portfolio templates and customize them according to your unique brand theme. A creative portfolio printed on high-quality paper helps create a more lasting impression during face-to-face networking events, business meetings, and interviews—allowing you to show off the details of your artwork and your best self. Get noticed and land that job with Canva’s free custom portfolio maker today.


Good storytelling makes a good portfolio. Weave a story and showcase your thought process through your best photos, illustrations, mood boards, videos, sketches, business or client reviews, drafts, and other artwork. Include the final output like photos of the printed final product, videos, and feedback on your online site. Avoid complicated website builders or design features that take time to learn. Use our portfolio website builder to get beautiful templates and publish on the web easily.

Making a model portfolio to showcase your potential for the modeling industry is quick and easy with our online portfolio maker. You can follow these tips to make it happen:
  • Get digital copies of all your model photo shots. This includes full-body shots, headshots, and ¾ length shots.
  • Decide on a theme and purpose. This will help you customize a model portfolio template in our collection easily and find appropriate images, fonts, and colors to exude elegance, uniqueness, and edginess.
  • Make it accessible. Publish it as a mobile-responsive, one-page website. Then, share the link on your socials or to clients on the web. For go-sees and meetings, prepare high-quality printed copies of your new model portfolio through our print service. With our free standard shipping, you’ll get your printed model portfolios.

Absolutely! You can design and print your new portfolio with our print service. Make sure to choose a photo book template if you want to print your portfolio like a coffee table book. Alternatively, you can choose a poster, brochure, flyer, or letterhead template if you prefer to print a one-page portfolio. We also offer free standard shipping.

It’s all about demonstrating your best skills. What you need to do first is to gather examples of your work that features the experiences you have in varying industries. Then, showcase your work with a narrative. You can organize them in terms of merit, theme, or simply by chronology. It would also be a plus if you have photos of yourself immersed at work or collaborating with successful people, business, or companies to highlight your credibility and excellence.

Your portfolio compiles all the materials you’ve had in the exercise of your skills, training, and experiences in one site or document. It features your expertise, mastery, and viewpoint through the concrete work that you did in the past. This can be in the form of articles, digital creations, photographs, etc. A CV or curriculum vitae, however, is a written insight of one person’s experience and qualifications for a job.
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