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Make your content more accessible and engaging by converting PDF to PowerPoint. Use Canva's free online PDF to PowerPoint converter to turn your PDF files into fully editable PowerPoint presentations—with layouts, formats, and visual elements intact.

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How to convert PDF to PowerPoint

Open your work to productive collaboration

Collaborate and convert PDF to PPT files

No need to worry about transferring the contents of your PDF files into a PowerPoint presentation. Skip hours of copying and pasting, and change PDF to PPT format for free on Canva. Retain everything after changing your files and make editing and adding details easier, too. Get constructive feedback on your report, and invite colleagues to comment on sections that could use improvement. With Canva’s PDF to PowerPoint converter, you can get what you need done in just a few clicks.

Make fascinating content for your audience

Edit and convert your PDF files to PPT

You've got the data, now bring your presentation to life. Supplement stats and numbers with engaging visuals. Replace plain-looking symbols with artful icons(opens in a new tab or window). Use colors and graphic elements to break words up into smaller chunks. Turning PDF into PPT also lets you animate text(opens in a new tab or window) to really drive your message home. Access these design functions with our free PDF to PowerPoint converter, and make your presentation look as good as it sounds.

Become a visual communicator

Convert your PDF to PowerPoint

Get your ideas across from the classroom to the boardroom with the right visuals. Convert PDF to PowerPoint for free on Canva and create a dynamic presentation that will make people sit up and pay attention. Upload your branded assets and place them in the slides. Spruce up the layout by changing the font styles and adding relevant graphics and videos. Let your creative vision loose with no limits. Convert to PPT and quickly get a usable file for your campaign plan, project, or business proposal(opens in a new tab or window).

How to convert PDF to PPT

How to convert PDF to PPT

Launch Canva on a web browser or app to access our PDF converter to PPT.

Select the PDF you want to convert from your device, or simply drag and drop it onto the page. Canva will automatically transform your PDF document into an editable design.

See if your design contains all elements from your PDF file. Make as many creative edits as you want before converting to PPT. Customize tables and charts, resize or flip images, and create text boxes for sources and references. You can also browse our media library to find graphics or footage to make your design stand out.

Once you’ve added finishing touches, click Share > More on the upper right corner of the editor. Under Save, choose Microsoft PowerPoint, then select the pages you want to convert. Click Download to finalize converting your PDF to PPT.

You’re now free to use your freshly converted PowerPoint file. Send your slides to your colleagues via email or social messaging apps, or open them through your preferred presentation software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Convert your file using our PDF to PowerPoint converter on mobile or desktop. Upload your PDF file, and our platform will automatically turn it into a fully customizable design. Move your project from one device to another while making the most of the same tools and features. Edit as little or as much as you like before converting the finished product into a PowerPoint presentation.

PDF is great for read-only documents that can be compressed into more manageable file sizes. However, it’s not as dynamic as PowerPoint presentations. Converting PDF to PPT allows you to add creative details, making your content more interesting to your audience. Colleagues can also access your file to make edits or leave feedback. Use our PDF to PPT converter and take advantage of our editing tools and media library to enhance your content.

Insert a PDF file to a PowerPoint by creating a new presentation project or opening an existing one. Upload the PDF file you want to embed, then add it to a presentation slide. Fix its placement and add visual elements, such as borders, icons, and lines. Save your presentation once done, now with your PDF file included in it.
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