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Mirror videos for a fresh perspective

Whether you're making an experimental art project or a trippy video ad, making video mirrors is easy. Duplicate a clip, flip the video horizontally or vertically, and create cool and captivating mirrors.

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See your videos on the flip side

Achieve that fun mirror effect to elevate your video projects. Just duplicate your video, click the Flip button on the toolbar, and choose between horizontal and vertical video flip options. Create vertical video mirrors for a portrait social media video, or go for horizontal mirrors for a cinematic landscape ad.

Get on your creative side

Edit your flipped video clips to the perfect dimension and length with our cropping, trimming, and merging tools. Sharpen details with our video enhancer and add color filters to match your overall aesthetic. You can also explore our abstract or artistic videos to create optical illusions for your creative mirror video portfolios or your eye-catching video ads.

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Features to mirror your style

Style your mirrored or flipped video any way you want by adding media and other design elements from our media library or your own Brand Kit (Pro). Add stylized texts to your flipped videos for your catchy promo tagline, insert your own background music to show off in your portfolio, or add quirky transitions and animations for a fun birthday video greeting.

How to flip and mirror a video

  1. Start your mirror video project
    Launch Canva and pick a template. Upload your video or choose one from our media library. Drag-and-drop your selected video to the editor and crop, scale, and trim as desired.
  2. Duplicate your video
    To create a mirror video, you need to duplicate your clip. To do this, just right click on your video and click Duplicate, or simply select your clip and type Ctrl/Command + D.
  3. Flip your video to create a mirror
    Select the duplicated video and click the Flip button on the upper toolbar. You can choose between the Flip horizontal and Flip vertical options.
  4. Enhance your videos
    Adjust your videos’ colors and contrasts. You can also use different color filters on your flipped videos to create variety. Then personalize your video mirror — add texts, images, and illustrations to finish off.
  5. Download or publish
    Download your mirror video project as an MP4 file, or publish your design directly to your social media platforms.
Mirror your video

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