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Watermark photos to protect your work

Protect your photos and digital artwork from theft and unauthorized use. Add a watermark to your photo for free and prove your ownership at a glance.

Create a custom watermark

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Make sure your brand gets the credit it deserves. Create a free, custom watermark for your photos, artwork, and promotional materials to let people know who they’re looking at. Use any identifying markers for your brand, including your logo, name(opens in a new tab or window), mascot, or signature. Customize the font and choose from our extensive font library. Then, download your watermark to use for all your photos.

Sign your work in seconds

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Use our simple drag-and-drop tool to add your watermark to any photo. Resize the watermark to fit the image and place it anywhere on the picture. Rotate(opens in a new tab or window) it as needed or tilt it to any angle to match your photo. You can also customize the opacity of your watermark to fit the look of your photos or digital artwork.

Watermark all digital work in one place

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With a Canva account, your working files are automatically saved online—including the watermark you created. Easily add watermarks to all your photos and digital projects for free, using any device, anytime you need to.

How to watermark photos

How to watermark photos
Watermark a photo

Watermark a photo

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