Create Epic Party Invitations with Canva

With hundreds of free layouts to choose from and a library packed with awesome images, creating the perfect party invitation in Canva is ridiculously easy.

How to make a party invitation - Canva

Party invitations with a personal touch

Create and share amazing party invitations in Canva using our selection of professionally designed layouts. Upload your own photos or choose from our library of amazing images to create an invitation perfect for any party celebration.

How to make a party invitation

  1. Open Canva

    Launch Canva on mobile or desktop, and sign up using your Facebook or Google account. If you already have an account simply log in. After that, search for the “Party invitation” design type to start designing.

  2. Browse templates

    Browse through Canva’s library and find beautiful and professionally designed party invitation templates that’s perfect for you.\. Just click on the template you like to add it to your design.

  3. Experiment with features

    Incorporate any party-themed photos, images, icons, stickers, illustrations and other graphics from Canva’s library. Use the drag-and-drop tool, photo filters, and animation effects to surprise their recipients.

  4. Customize your invitation

    Personalize your design by uploading your own photos, images and artwork into the editor. Select your own background, mix and match font combinations and experiment on different color schemes.

  5. Share online or print

    Once you’re happy with your design, share your party invitations on social media in a few clicks or make high-quality prints with Canva Print.

Open a New Party Invitation

Create a personalized party invitation

Canva allows you to capture personality and flair in your party invitation. Our layouts can be customized for even the most unique celebration! Drag and drop your favourite images and choose fonts and colors that suit your theme.

Choose from over 1 million premium images

You won’t be stuck for inspiration when you design your party invitation in Canva. As well as uploading your own images for free, we give you access to over 1 million premium images, graphics and illustrations. Many of these images are free, while the rest are all priced at just $1.

Share directly to Facebook

Facebook allows you to connect with your family and friends without keeping track of postal addresses and phone numbers. Save your design as a PNG file to share it on the web. Create an event on Facebook and upload your funky party invitation or send it in a personal message to your closest friends!


Aside from the basic details of the event, a party invitation might include a simple background with bright, festive colors and fonts; images, illustrations or photos that fit your theme; and space for contact details so that guests can RSVP.

Classic party invitation fonts include Ostrich Sans, Nevis Bold, Century Schoolbook, Bookeyed Nelson, Champagne, Everything Holiday, Playlist or Priscilla. Script fonts are readable but elegant, handwritten fonts more sentimental, serif fonts timeless and san serif fonts more modern. For the body text, serif and sans serif look best.

When writing out your party invitation, be sure to mention the occasion, the time and date, location, theme, names of the hosts and RSVP details. Make it clear whether the party is catered or BYOB. If your party has a theme, design your text around it.

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