1. Create e-Cards
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Craft Heartfelt eCards for Your Loved Ones

Easy to create and customize

Beautifully designed templates

Millions of photos, icons and illustrations

Easily download or share

Whip up a fun, unique eCard for any occasion — with a bountiful amount of quality graphics and images, you’ll have as much fun making your own eCards as your recipients will have upon receiving them.

How to make an ecard - Canva

Design the perfect eCard for any occasion

On special holidays, occasions, and on days that you simply just want for them to stumble upon a lovingly crafted online surprise, create and send custom eCards(opens in a new tab or window) to loved ones with Canva’s DIY e-card maker! With over a million stock images, graphics, illustrations, and hundreds of amazing, professionally crafted eCard template designs or Christmas videos(opens in a new tab or window) for any occasion, you’ll never have to worry about dashing to the store at the last minute for the perfect card. With Canva, you can make your own!

So hop on aboard the Canva design train — no graphic design experience or skill required, just a little imagination and a dash of creativity!

How to make an eCard

How to make an ecard - Canva
Start Designing an eCard

Launch Canva and search for "eCard." Then, open a fresh page to get started.

Browse templates for every eCard style theme. Find the perfect template for you by adding keywords that fit your mood, color scheme, and style to narrow down your search. Just click on the template you like to start designing.

In Canva’s library you’ll find millions of photos, images, icons, stickers, illustrations and other graphics to make your card stand out. Apply photo filters or use the animate tool to make ingredients pan, tumble or rise onto the page.

Make your card as unique as its recipient. Upload your own images and photos to make your design more personal. Choose a color scheme and background combination that fits the personality of your friend or family member.

Download and save your card as a JPG or PNG. Share on Facebook, Instagram or via email in just a few clicks.

Start Designing an eCard

Surprise someone with an eCard and surprise yourself with your creativity

Relive the joy of receiving a card on your birthday, on special holidays, and sometimes on random days, by creating your very own eCard to liven up the spirits of whomever you choose to send it to: Design a sweet Mother’s Day card with your mother’s favorite colors and flowers, create an adorable little birthday card for your little one, or put together a hilarious eCard to your best friend!

With Canva’s easy drag and drop customizing interface, you can use your own photographs to make your eCards more intimate and personal, and it’s 100% free! You can also take your pick from Canva’s 1 million high quality images, graphics, and illustrations, some of which are free, while premium images are offered at a very competitive price.

Choose from high quality, ready made eCard templates

We have a wide selection of professionally crafted eCard template designs all ready for you on Canva, created by our team of expert designers. You need only pick one and start designing by dragging and dropping additional elements into the template.

Want to make a set of designs based on a single template? No worries, you can use the same template as many times as you want, so you don’t have to return to the drawing board every time. Every design you make on Canva will be saved to your homepage, which you can access again anytime you want, and then drag and drop new images, texts, and effects for newer versions of the design, or a brand new design altogether.

Share your eCard in a variety of ways

Once your eCard is ready to face your recipient, you may opt to send it out any way you like. Hitting the Share button on Canva’s menu bar lets you post your e-card directly onto your social media page or send it out through email. You can even add your own personalized email signature(opens in a new tab or window) to further customize your message!

More options? You can choose to download your eCard as a JPG(opens in a new tab or window) or PNG(opens in a new tab or window) image or have them printed out in wonderful high resolution as a PDF. Because why not go all the way by going old school too?


Make your eCard jump off the screen with eye-popping images, photos and other graphics. Keep the text to a minimum, but make sure it packs a punch. The best eCard are designed to be sent through email or social media, so be sure your card has the right dimensions and resolution.

To make an eCard with a photo you’ve already found, start with an eCard template and select a background. Then simply upload or drag and drop the photo onto your design. You can create a collage with several photos or keep it simple and stick to one image.

Since you’ll be sending your eCard online, you’ll want to choose a size that looks good across multiple platforms. That’s why the standard eCard size is around 600 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall. These dimensions display well on mobile and in e-mail inboxes.

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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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