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Strike a balance between file size and photo quality when you convert PNG to JPG. Use Canva’s online PNG to JPG converter to compress files, free up storage space, and make high-quality images ready for sharing on the web or social media.

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How to convert PNG to JPG

Compress photos and save storage space

Convert from PNG to different formats

Working with memory-intensive files? Free up drive space by compressing images with very little loss of quality. Change PNG to JPG to shrink file size for convenient storage and display. Not only will the reduced file size make it quicker to download and share on the web, but they’ll also be easy to open across devices and applications.

Enhance your images with creative details

Enhance your images

Do more than just a PNG to JPG convert. Put a creative spin on your images with quick edits and enhancements. Turn lackluster shots into striking images by playing with fun filters, modifying brightness and contrast, or applying stylish frames. You can also add stickers, icons, and other graphic elements for more visual impact. Take advantage of our powerful editing tools and give an artistic touch to your pictures before saving them in JPG format.

Convert formats for everyday use

Convert from PNG to JPG

JPGs are the most widely used image file format — compatible with most devices, networks, and apps, with no extensive processing needed. Whether sharing photos of your vacation, putting up assets on your site, or displaying your best shots for your portfolio, easily convert from PNG to JPG. Simply select or drag and drop your PNG file, then jump into the editor with your image ready for download as a high-quality JPG.

How to change PNG to JPG

How to change PNG to JPG

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