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Bring your website closer to reality with a stunning website mockup. See how you can fine-tune your design and present it to clients, investors, and stakeholders. Use Canva’s free online website or phone mockup generator(opens in a new tab or window) to communicate your ideas visually in a few clicks—for free.

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Breathe life into your website design

Developing a virtual space can take months before it’s ready, but a free website mockup can be done in seconds. Try Canva’s website mockup creator to instantly refine and review your website’s final look. We make it easy to produce photorealistic website mockups that present your design across a range of screens and devices.

Use our curated collection of mockup templates to help you in every stage of your design process. Test your initial ideas, showcase them to stakeholders, then address design and functionality issues based on feedback. Polish your final product and add it to your design portfolio. With Canva’s online website mockup generator, transforming concepts into living creations is a breeze.

How to make mockups for websites

Create a website mockup

Open Canva to access our website mockup maker. On the homepage, click Apps and choose Mockups. Type “Website” on the search bar to begin your design project.

Browse through our collection of website mockup templates. Choose from a wide range of screen sizes and devices. Then, click your chosen template.

Upload your website design on the template by clicking Select. Choose from your previously uploaded images and designs on Canva, or click Upload to add a new image for your mockup.

Once you have a preview of your website mockup, you can make adjustments by clicking Adjust image. Tweak your design’s size, alignment, and orientation in the mockup. Then, hit Save.

Click Save mockup to finalize your work. Choose Download to save your mockup as a high-resolution PNG file or use it in another Canva project by selecting Use in a design.
Create a website mockup

Responsive web mockups at your fingertips

See how your website looks on various screens, devices, and settings—before it’s even developed. Take advantage of Canva’s mockup website generator and present your web design in a captivating way. Browse and choose from our extensive library of responsive mockup templates. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop screens, quickly create a website mockup for free, no matter your device.

Our website mockup examples come in different backgrounds, settings, and angles. Pick one that aligns with your vision and adds visual appeal to your website presentation. With Canva, you can create lifelike website mockups that will impress audiences and get your design approved.

Tweak your mockup the way you like it

When producing mockups, you’ll want a tool that lets you do more than put your design on a template and call it a day. With our free website mockup tool, you can tailor your mockup according to your specifications. Choose whether your website design should fill or fit the screen. Adjust the alignment, and change the orientation by flipping your design vertically or horizontally. Then, save your work in your Canva account so you can access and edit it on the go.

Impress audiences with a stunning website presentation

A professional and engaging website presentation makes it easier to impress clients and attract new customers. Whether a beginner or a seasoned designer, make the most of our multi-device website mockup generator to showcase your skills. Once done, share it instantly with clients, investors, and stakeholders. You can even use it as promotional material for your new website(opens in a new tab or window) launch!

Alternatively, add your web mockup to your design portfolio(opens in a new tab or window). Instead of screenshots or links, potential clients can better see your design’s unique features and components. With Canva’s web mockup generator, you can elevate your quality of work and grow your customer base in no time.


A website mockup shows how a web page or website will look on screens and devices before it goes live. It lets you see the layout and structure of the website and shows where design elements like the header, navigation menu, text, buttons, and images will appear on the website.

Many design software and apps let you create mockups online. But to save time and resources, use our computer and mobile mockup generator. Choose from our curated gallery of realistic mockup templates and upload your website design. Make adjustments in a few clicks using our intuitive tools. Then, save and download your free mockup website for future use.

Website mockups are an essential part of the web design process. They visually communicate how the final product will look, which can be improved upon based on feedback. Plus, they make it easy to catch and address initial design and functionality issues. After launching the website, you can add your mockup to your design portfolio and attract potential clients.
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