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Create detailed event proposals that will get any client on board. With a free event proposal template from our visual Canva Docs, you’ll present yourself as a top-notch event planner that clients should call for every important milestone. Organize your event ideas with tools and design elements all within our event proposal creator.

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What is an event proposal?

An event proposal is a document that event planners use to compile plans and details for an upcoming event, which they then pitch to a prospective client. Whatever the occasion, you can quickly create event proposals that gain client trust.

Canva Docs makes it super easy for anyone to write an event proposal that clients will love. Our event proposal maker includes detailed templates and examples that you can customize to fit your event ideas. Draft event planning proposals for all kinds of events and make it visual. Whether it's a virtual or in-person event for music fans, product promotions, charity drives, or community sports, you can explore our design library for icons, images, and more so you can paint a picture of a successful event for your clients and put everyone on the same page. Then, share it online with your team and clients.

How to make an event proposal

Create an event proposal

Open Canva on your desktop or mobile device and search for Docs to start a new visual document.

Browse our sample event proposals to find the right Canva Docs template for your ideas. Find one depending on the nature of your event. Is it a music festival? An outdoor promotional activity for your latest product? Then, narrow it down by style, color, or theme.

Add crucial sections to your event proposal, like the event description, objective, and pricing information. Format your text as needed with headings, font options, and colors. Use Canva Graphs to make tables, charts, and diagrams. Or find anything you need quickly with /Magic commands.

Bring your event to life starting with your proposal. Change the font style and color palette to apply your branding. Upload visual images related to your event: logos, pegs, moodboards, and mockups of products or booths. Experiment with layouts and add free stock photos and illustrations from our free media library. Have an image in mind? Try our Text to Image app and bring them to life.

Share the event proposal with your team for real-time or async collaboration. Leave comments, track progress, and polish details together. Once everything’s finalized, export your event proposal doc as a print-ready PDF. Share it with your teammates and clients via social media and email. You can also have an event proposal presentation in a couple of clicks with our Turn Docs to Decks feature.
Create an event proposal

Craft the perfect event proposal

Access comprehensive templates for event proposals with organized sections from your event planning credentials and services to key event details like location, date, time, and theme, planning and preparation, pricing and payment, and your next steps.

Event proposal samples from Canva Docs are fully customizable, so you can be as thorough as needed. You can create simple, one-page proposals for small, intimate gatherings, as well as multi-page proposals for big festivals. There’s space for client testimonials, photos, and illustrations that give context to your event. There’s also space to introduce your proposed vendors and suppliers.

Need to explain things at a glance? We have Canva Graphs for that. Create a table(opens in a new tab or window) for pricing information, a Gantt chart(opens in a new tab or window) for logistical timelines, and even an org chart(opens in a new tab or window) to introduce your core team. You can clearly communicate how you’ll bring your client’s vision to life with our event proposal examples.

Win clients over with stunning document layouts

Want your event planning proposal to look exclusive? Revamp your document template and apply your distinct brand identity. Upload your logo, use your brand colors, apply your signature font, and add amazing photos. You can customize the proposal template according to the event, too. Create a festive design for street parties. Follow a professional format for corporate conferences. Or coordinate the look of the document with the theme of a birthday or wedding.

You have diverse layout options, so your event proposal won’t be a tiresome read. Write paragraphs to explain the concept, make multiple columns for client reviews, and create color-coded tables for the event program. You can even devote pages for photos of decor, food, and other unique features of the event. With all these tools at your disposal, your event proposals will be as attractive as it is informative.

Templates designed for collaboration and coordination

It takes a team to plan an event. The good news is, our event proposal maker is designed for collaboration. Your team can work on a single event proposal template doc, so you can finish things faster, polish details together, and deliver it to your client on time.

When the proposal’s finalized, you can share it online, convert Word to PDF(opens in a new tab or window) or download it as a print-ready PDF you can hand over to clients. But you can also save an editable version, so you can go back and revise the details, like the number of guests or vendor deadlines.

Comprehensive templates, gorgeous designs, and reliable teamwork functions. Canva’s event proposal maker is your first step to throwing a party that’s one for the books.


Every company has a unique way on how to write an event proposal. Creating an event proposal usually begins with meeting your prospective client to understand their expectations and vision. Then, choose one of our event proposal templates to write down a nice event description, including the goal and details. Communicate your expertise and list your services. Creating a proposal for an event is like telling the story of how you’ll bring the event to life.

The contents of an event proposal depends on the project and the event planner. Templates from our event proposal maker are customizable, so you can add or remove sections from your document to include these information:
  • An introduction to your company
  • A description of the event
  • The event planning services you’ll provide
  • Proposed budget
  • Next steps for the client
  • Your contact information
  • Testimonials and examples of your work

No need to go to another editor to make an event proposal presentation; Canva has templates for that, too. Simply browse our presentation templates, choose one you like, and transfer the content from your event proposal doc to the slides.

Event categories aren’t limited to four so there’s a variety you can plan and propose to your client. Discuss your ideas thoroughly when you customize a template from our event proposal maker. Consider the following types of events:
  • Corporate events like conferences, seminars, and workshops
  • Social events like birthdays, parties, and reunions
  • Virtual events like webinars and summits
  • Fundraising events like gala dinners and charity auctions
  • Festivals like food and music festivals

When creating your event planning proposal, you might want to keep in mind the five C’s of event management:
  • Concept, which identifies purpose of the event
  • Coordination, which describes the theme and plans the logistics
  • Control, which makes sure everything is on track
  • Culmination, which means staying on top of everything on the day of the event
  • Closeout, which deals with post-event tasks and feedback
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