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Land your dream job with the perfect CV. With Canva’s free online CV maker, you can effortlessly create a CV as impressive as your skills, credentials, and relevant work experiences.

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The online CV builder that lets you stands out

Keep up with the fast-evolving job market with a polished CV that stands out. Design one with Canva’s free CV maker and land yourself on top of every hiring manager’s pile. No need for advanced design skills—Canva has a beginner-friendly design editor and document creator(opens in a new tab or window) that makes editing, translating(opens in a new tab or window), and creating CVs a breeze.

Use our CV generator whether you’re a fresh grad looking for your first opportunity or a mid-level professional ready for your next big break. Find industry-specific CV templates and design layouts that show off your unique personality. Send your CV in your format of choice—as a hi-res PDF, a one-page CV website(opens in a new tab or window), Word to PDF conversion(opens in a new tab or window), or as a high-quality print ordered straight from Canva.

How to make a CV

Make a CV

Log in to your Canva account and search for “CV templates” or “Resumes” to get started.

Browse our selection of professionally designed CV templates. Choose a style that reflects your personality, or an industry-specific theme. Or, start with a blank document template and build your own CV from scratch.

Click on your chosen template to go to Canva’s drag-and-drop editor. Fill out any relevant experiences or copy-paste your information onto the layout. Upload your professional headshot, if preferred. Choose from the diverse array of font combos and color schemes.

Showcase your ingenuity by adding a professional timeline you can create using Canva’s infographic maker. Use graphic elements from our library to make your CV more eye-catching.

Save your CV in your account for future updates. Submit your most recent one as a PDF, a one-page website, or as a shareable link. Alternatively, download your CV in PDF, JPEG, or PNG files and easily attach them to emails and social media posts.
Make a CV

Stand out in your industry

No matter what field or niche you’re in, there’s a professionally designed CV template in Canva’s gallery to suit your requirements. We’ve got quite a range – from creative and trendy layouts to formal and minimalist designs and everything in between.

Our CV templates are not just eye-catching. We also have free cover letter templates to supplement your CVs and help you keep up with your industry’s specific trends and standards. Use our free cover letter maker(opens in a new tab or window) with our CV builder to finally land your dream job.

Effortlessly keep your CV stunning and up to date

With Canva’s drag-and-drop design editor, you will have no trouble creating and updating your CV in an instant. You can also easily save your latest CV on your account and create different versions to fit the requirements of different job opportunities. Update your CV regularly as you gain more real-world work experiences without having to redo your entire CV design.

And because you can easily access Canva’s free CV generator on your mobile, tablet, and desktop device, you can edit and send your CV anytime, anywhere.

Submit your CV in more ways than one

Job application is easier as Canva offers several options to submit your CV. You can send a viewable link to your file, display it in an attractive one-page CV website, or show off your creativity with a portfolio presentation(opens in a new tab or window) that includes your CV or biodata. You can also download your layout as a high quality PDF, convert PDF to PNG(opens in a new tab or window) or order a stack of eco-conscious, high quality prints from Canva Print. All these in one editor.


You can create a CV for free using our free visual design platform. We have a gallery filled with hundreds of professionally designed and free CV templates to fit a range of industries, theme, format, or even color schemes.

The 5 main things your CV should include are:

  • Your updated contact information
  • A concise professional statement or executive summary
  • Work experience
  • Relevant skills
  • Educational attainment

Make sure your details are updated and are presented as clearly as possible. And to get past the Applicant Tracking System or ATS, include keywords relevant to the job post you’re responding to.

To create a CV with no job or work experience, pay extra attention to crafting your professional statement. Your statement should be clear and concise—no more than three sentences. It should include:

  • Your field of study
  • Your relevant skills (both technical and soft skills) and extracurricular experiences (internships, apprenticeships, volunteer work)
  • Your reason for applying or vying for the job and/or company

You should also emphasize your educational attainment. Include your GPA or honors if you have them. Mention courseworks or workshops you’ve taken that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

To stand out, tailor your CV for the specific job post you’re responding to. Use keywords found in the post and show how your academic history and interests have prepared you for the position.

Your CV for grad school should display your academic potential and extensive background in your specific field at a quick glance. To stand out within seconds:
  • Draw attention to your educational attainment and merits.
  • Organize your relevant experiences well. Divide them into three: research, professional, teaching/administrative experiences.
  • Include academic/professional honors and awards you’ve received.
  • Include published papers or presentations with brief descriptions of your contribution.
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