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Create a Social Studies Lesson Plan with Canva

While teaching social studies and the intricacies of past and current events can be complex, creating your lesson plan need not be.

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Deliver a smooth and engaging lecture with a custom lesson plan

From famous leaders to events that shape history to government, legislation, and cultural norms, few subjects tackle the breadth of human experience as social studies does. Even for teachers, tackling social studies can be overwhelming unless you’ve got a clear-cut plan for yourself and your students. This is where a lesson plan, customized for you and your teaching style, comes in.

Creating a DIY lesson plan need not be difficult. Canva’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you to create an easy-to-read roadmap(opens in a new tab or window) for your classes. There are already ready-made templates you can simply edit as much or as little as needed. You’ve also got an amazing library of images, design elements, icons and illustrations at your fingertips to help you stay on top of each lesson.

Create a social studies lesson plan in a few short steps

Lesson Plan_Social Studies
Open a New Social Studies Lesson Plan Design

Open a New Social Studies Lesson Plan Design

DIY beautiful lesson plans using our templates

Teaching a class as important as social studies should be pleasant for you so you can educate your students better about vital information like the branches of the government, the history of democracy or the capital cities of the world. If you want to create a beautifully designed lesson plan to aid you during class but don’t know how to start the solution is simple: Use Canva’s templates!

Our amazing team of professional designers have taken on the bulk of the work for you, creating brilliant layout and templates revolving around various themes and topics. The best part is, our templates are completely free to use and reuse. If you want to spend a bit of money on special elements, images or illustrations, you can, because you’ll only have to pay a small cost for each one-time use.

Arrange your class activities in easy-to-read grids

Once you get started on a lesson, you can all too easily get distracted by questions or other topics that crop up. Make sure you don’t get sidetracked from important activities by constantly referring to your lesson plan. Most of our templates follow a structure that divides a lesson into parts—introduction, lesson objectives, guided practice, assessment, conclusion and next steps. By dividing your lesson into clear grids and blocks, you are better able to plan out the amount of time you need to spend on a certain topic, helping to maximize your time in class better.

Of course, you need not follow this exactly if you’ve got a different teaching style. That’s the great thing about designing in Canva—everything’s completely customizable. Move, add or delete elements like images, icons or illustrations. Play around with font types, colors and sizes.

Create multiple-page lesson plans

Some subjects can definitely take longer to get through than others—it would be hard to explain the difference between democratic, parliamentary, monarchical, and autocratic governments in a few words. If you’ve run out of space, you can always add a new page to your design. Just click on the button at the bottom of the layout to add as many pages as you need. Canva supports up to 30 pages in one design.


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