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Get organized and be ready for every class by creating a lesson plan. Customize lesson plan examples from Canva’s lesson plan maker and plot every lecture time and student activity for the day throughout the semester with built-in tools to craft visual Canva Docs.

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Learning is almost always a step-by-step process. Before students grasp advanced math, they need to master their multiplication tables. Before they can excel at reading, they need to learn their a-b-c’s. Lesson plans help teachers and students(opens in a new tab or window) know and achieve their academic goals and objectives. Rather than scribbling on any old piece of paper, you can create a beautifully-designed one on our free lesson plan maker.

Access an amazing collection of free lesson plan templates to tackle specific subjects, courses, and student ages. Couple this with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, and you’ve got everything you need to create a custom lesson plan that will suit your learning goals and objectives and complement your worksheets. Start a Canva Doc and pick a lesson plan example for your subject. Include other teachers in your planning by easily sharing a link on their email to your visual doc.

How to make a lesson plan

Create a lesson plan

Create a lesson plan

Design lesson plans to suit any subject

Creating a lesson plan shouldn’t take ages for a teacher to accomplish. Save time in your day with functional lesson plan examples from Canva Docs for any of your subjects or objectives. Whether you’re teaching a kindergarten or preschool class shapes and colors, cultivating the curiosity of high schoolers through a science festival, or guiding university-level students through film history, you can easily find a customizable template suitable for your needs. You can even choose one of our daily or weekly lesson planners.

Most lesson plan templates follow a clear pattern, arranged in editable sections or text groups. Identify key activities like your lesson introduction, learning objectives, and guided activities to organize your class time. Of course, you can always change things to suit your teaching style. Canva’s lesson plan maker lets you format your document to suit your style and taste. It also saves in the cloud so you can use your lesson plan as a personal template for your next planning or subject and make quick edits from your desktop or our free iOS or Android apps.

Create class lesson plans like magic

Canva Docs simply work like magic! It takes out the learning curve one usually goes through to create effective visual documents. Whether you start from scratch or get inspired with a lesson plan template, all the design tools to help you develop learning roadmaps for students are in one place. Find them easily in the same rich design library you know and love from Canva. Then, format your lesson plans with beautiful font styles and colors, and contextual images, videos, and graphics for your objectives and subject matter.

If you’re still clueless about what to do next, one of our magic tricks can help speed up your lesson planning. Type “ / ” for Magic commands that suggest design elements, apps, and formatting to match your lesson plan. Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window), for example, can inspire you with ready-made content from your creative text prompts within minutes. You can add checklists for your learning objectives and student resources, visualize useful math data with graphs, charts, tables or pictograms(opens in a new tab or window), and embed links and other Canva designs.

Collaborative lesson planning for teachers and students

It takes a village to teach students valuable lessons. Share your lesson plan with a substitute teacher or faculty member for feedback and suggestions. Canva Docs make team collaboration easier by sharing a design link and edit access via email or converting Word to PDF(opens in a new tab or window). Review each other’s learning objectives, tweak topic scopes and key information, suggest additional student resources, worksheets, and class activities, and leave comments about the overall plan.

Your students are the ultimate stakeholders of clear and effective lesson planning. Lesson plans help you shape their learning experience from how you manage class time and deal with the varying attention spans of each student. When you begin a class each day or week, let your students know what to expect by presenting your lesson plan. The fun thing is that you don’t have to start from scratch. Convert your Canva Doc to a presentation deck easily in a few clicks. Have a lesson plan presentation ready within minutes, complete with visually-appealing layouts to engage your class.


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