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Jumpstart a small business selling shirts with customized designs. Create t-shirt mockups from your art and gauge their appeal to your target market. Let these prototypes show you how you can fine-tune your designs. Use Canva’s t-shirt mockup generator to bring your ideas closer to reality.

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Present your t-shirt design ideas in full

With so many artists making their bid to start their own online businesses, having a portfolio of t-shirt designs is no longer enough. Show off and sell your cool ideas like a pro with the help of Canva’s t-shirt mockup generator.

Not ready with a stunning t-shirt layout yet? You might want to start with Canva’s free templates and customize your t-shirt with stylish design elements from our library. Out of your designs, make t-shirt mockups to create a product catalog that’s credible and polished. It’s quick and easy with our Canva’s t-shirt mockup maker.

Explore a fitting model or environment to let people see how cool your designs look when worn on a shirt. Is it for your outdoor activity club? A professional setup for a corporate team? Then, choose your t-shirt layout from a recent Canva design or upload one straight from your gallery. Conveniently adjust the size, orientation, and position to make it seamless in its placement. You can use it for another Canva design or download it in high resolution to help your online store make a great impression on shoppers.

How to create a t-shirt mockup

Make a t-shirt mockup

Open Canva on the app or your preferred web browser. Click Apps, then choose Mockups on the side panel. Search for “T-shirts” or navigate to the Apparel tab and choose T-shirts.

Find the perfect image of a model, environment, or setup for your design. Choose from Long-sleeve T-shirts, Flatlay T-shirts, Women’s T-shirts, and other mockup layout categories.

Click Select to place your t-shirt design on the mockup. Use a previously uploaded image or existing Canva design. Or select Upload to upload a new JPG or PNG image file.

You can modify your t-shirt design to make it seamless on your chosen model or setting. Click Adjust image to fix its size, placement, and orientation. Hit Save to lock in your changes.

Click Save mockup to finalize your design. Choose Download to save your mockup as a high-resolution image or Use in a design to use your new mockup in a new Canva design project.
Make a t-shirt mockup

Market your apparel like a pro

Ideally, having high-quality and well-lit photos of your t-shirt designs would be great to share online. But with a limited budget, printing samples and hiring a photographer to take pictures isn't feasible.

Canva’s t-shirt mockup generator can save you from all that trouble. All you need to do is upload your designs on our t-shirt mockup maker and use our handy editing tools to make modifications. Our professional-looking mockups will have your product catalog looking as good as any retail brand’s.

Do merch drops as frequently as you want

Expanding your catalog is a breeze when you create t-shirt design mockups online for free. Find a wide variety of mockups you can use with our t-shirt mockup generator. You can create new designs whenever you want, as often as you wish.

You also get to experiment with your product ideas more freely. Make new t-shirt mockups with your previous designs and see if they look better with a tweaked palette. Monitor which products are popular with your customer base and which need work. That's free and easy market research right there!

Build and boost your business

With Canva’s t-shirt mockup generator, you can reduce production and marketing costs, boosting your business and strengthening your brand. Our selection of quality mockups can help make your online store look more cohesive. That way, you’ll have more resources for your budding enterprise, such as producing more designs.

You also have ready-made marketing images at your disposal when you create a t-shirt mockup with Canva. Use your mockups to create social media posts or build your brand book. You can do it straight from our beginner-friendly editor. Then, time the release of your new t-shirt designs with an online promotion that will help boost sales. After designing, download your promotional product(opens in a new tab or window) in a range of file types.


A t-shirt mockup is a downloadable image of a blank t-shirt. By adding your design—which could be an image or stylized lines of text—on top of it, you can see how it would look as a finished product. You can find a collection of models and settings using our t-shirt mockup generator.

Remember that t-shirt mockups should look close to your final product. Before you use our free t-shirt mockup generator, finalize your design using our editor. Then, select one of our mockup templates and upload your design to start. Pick a mockup photo that appears natural to use and reflects your brand's personality or the theme of your collection. When you create t-shirt mockups, carefully position and scale your shirt design to give it a consistent look.

If you plan to sell t-shirts that feature your designs, a t-shirt mockup generator lets you see how the finished products would look without spending time and money on printing samples and taking their pictures. T-shirt mockups are also attractive and helpful to online shoppers. They help them decide whether or not to buy a particular design.
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