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Present your brilliant poster concepts with flair. Use Canva’s poster mockup generator to create free poster mockups that show how your creative ideas will look in real life.

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Flaunt your artistic vision with free poster mockups

With just a few clicks on our poster or phone mockup generator(opens in a new tab or window), you’ll make awesome digital poster mockups to promote your art, event, or business. Confidently present your ad concept to a client. Simulate your artwork in an interior space. Or check if your poster design can grab attention on a busy street corner. With a free poster mockup, you can catch costly errors and make design adjustments to ensure the final poster is perfect.

How to make a poster mockup

Create a poster mockup

Launch Canva. Click Apps on the homepage and choose Mockups. Type “Posters” on the search bar to use our free mockup generator for posters.

Browse the available mockup templates for your poster. Choose from different poster orientations and mockup styles, then click your chosen template.

Hit Select to upload your poster image. Choose from your previously uploaded photos or Canva designs. If you want to upload a new file, click Upload.

Once you’ve uploaded the image to the poster mockup, make adjustments by selecting Adjust image. Change the design’s fit, alignment, and orientation. Then, hit Save.

Click Save mockup, then Download to save a high-resolution image file to your device. Or use your digital poster mockup in another Canva design by selecting Use in a design.
Create a poster mockup

Produce varied poster mockups in a snap

No need to spend a ton to check how your poster will look in different settings. With Canva’s mockup generator, you’ll quickly produce digital mockups(opens in a new tab or window) of your poster for free. You’ll see how its visual elements work together — from the typography to the colors to the borders — without having to print the poster.

From indoor environments to the bright outdoors, you can make as many free mockups of your poster as needed. Check how your design will look when hung in a bedroom, installed in an A-frame stand, or pasted by an escalator. There are mockup templates for posters on a brick wall, a glass pane, or a concrete column. The mockup templates can also show if your posters look good on white walls, gray tiles, or colorful urban graffiti.

Widen the reach of your artistic portfolio

Grow your graphic design business by tapping into the interior design market. With many people now working from home, you can expand your base by presenting your creations as artworks they can hang on their walls. So produce free poster mockups, add them to your online portfolio, and give people an idea of how your art would look in their space.

Canva’s free poster mockup generator or AI face generator(opens in a new tab or window) is a handy tool for busy artists, illustrators, and entrepreneurs who want realistic-looking digital renders. Whatever your poster's size, style, and orientation, the mockup will show your work in high resolution and in its full glory.

Pitch your poster idea with confidence

Planning a sale? Staging a concert? Organizing a block party? Take the extra step and approach potential sponsors. Present them with a poster mockup of how they could advertise to attendees. With an awesome mockup, you’ll convince them that your event and their brand are a match made in heaven.

If you’re pitching a poster ad to a client, our mockup generator ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the design. The mockup shows where and how people would spot the poster.

With a digital poster mockup, all stakeholders will understand how the design looks before it goes to print.


A poster mockup is a rendering of a poster that shows how the final design would look like. Poster mockups are often digital, so you don’t have to spend on printing and framing.

Digital poster mockups are an excellent way to show how a poster would look when framed and placed in a specific kind of space. It allows you to make design adjustments and saves you from costly errors. It also ensures the designers and stakeholders know what to expect from the final design.

Use our free poster mockup generator to create realistic digital mockups with just a few clicks. Apart from the variety of poster styles, you can adjust the design’s fit, alignment, and orientation. That way, you’ll print your poster confidently. The mockup is also saved as a high-resolution PNG file you can share with teammates or stakeholders.
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