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Stay on top of your wedding planning with a professional seating chart from Canva.

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Get organized with a beautiful wedding seating chart

For many couples-to-be, creating their wedding seating chart can be one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. Plus, since these seating charts can only be finalized after the RSVPs have come in, there’s an added aspect of being pressed for time. So, how can you make a gorgeous seating chart when you’re running out of time, have no idea how to start designing one, and you’ve got a million other things to do?

Don’t worry, we’re here to make creating your very own wedding seating chart easier. Pre-made, professionally-designed templates means you have a great starting point. From there, Canva’s intuitive interface allows you to conveniently drag and drop different elements of your design where you need them to go. In a few minutes, you’ll have a beautiful wedding seating chart and you can go back to more fun wedding planning activities like cake tasting!

How to make a wedding seating chart

Open a New Wedding Seating Chart Design

Open up Canva and search for the “Wedding Seating Chart” design type. Pull up a blank page or find a template.

Explore a range of wedding seating chart templates for every theme. Use the search tool to filter by style, color or layout. Click on your favorite template to make it yours.

Canva’s library of features includes millions of stock photos, images, illustrations, icons and other graphics to help you deck out your design. Drag and drop the elements you like onto your page and rearrange them as you see fit.

Add your own photos, images and artwork. Mix and match elements from multiple templates. Choose a background, color scheme and font style. Keep experimenting until your chart feels finished.

Share your wedding program seating chart online in a few simple clicks or download as a print-ready PDF. Make high-quality copies of your design with Canva Print.

Open a New Wedding Seating Chart Design

Anticipate for any number of guests

Since weddings come in a wide range of sizes, a seating chart maker that can accommodate different crowd sizes would come in handy. Canva’s online tool is versatile and helps you prepare wedding seating charts for anything from just a handful of guests to hundreds. Drastically scale up or down your guest list without worrying about the difficulty of doing a new seating chart.

Even better, you can edit or create designs on the go by adding Canva to your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The Canva apps are free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Capture the right theme, look or feel with images and illustrations

Whether it is descriptive icons or personalized photos of guests, Canva can bring your wedding seating chart to life. You can upload any JPEG, PNG or SVG files from your computer and into Canva for free. Want to make sure that your seating chart design follows your wedding theme? There are lots of graphics, photos and illustrations in Canva’s incredible media library to choose from.

Say you’ve chosen to do a winter-themed wedding, you can easily search for winter images like snowflakes, pine cones, wreaths, and trees to add to your design. Just go to the search tab on the Canva editor, type in some keywords like “winter” or “snowflakes” and hit enter, then click or drag any image that catches your fancy into your design.

Create beautiful typography for your wedding seating chart

With over 130 free fonts to choose from, your wedding seating chart design can capture the look and feel of your wedding. From elegant, script fonts to more formal serif fonts, you can choose a typeface that best captures the tone and feel of your wedding.

The text tab also contains pre-made text pairings that showcase the best font pairings. Simply select one to add it to your design, then edit the text with the right names and details.

Print and share your design in a few clicks

Wedding seating charts need to be super clear and readable so it’s important to export it in the best possible resolution for print. To download your design, click on the Download button then choose PDF – Print to create a 300-dpi copy of your design which is professional print quality.


Since wedding seating charts are typically fairly large, you may want to send your design to a professional printing service to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. It’s possible to print a seating chart yourself, but larger charts will need a larger printer.

Large wedding seating charts can be as big as 24 x 36 inches, for example if you want to set up a seating chart at the venue of your wedding so that guests can find their seats. It may be smaller depending on the number of guests and tables.

There are two ways to list guests on a wedding seating chart: alphabetically and by table. While alphabetically is easier for guests to navigate, by table lets you clearly organize guests into different groups and even lets you be more visual with your seating chart design.

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