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Use Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools to create amazing tickets everyone will want as a keepsake.

How to make a ticket - Canva

Create standout tickets for every occasion or event

A ticket – be it for an event or raffle – always serves a distinct purpose beyond the obvious confirmation of entry. It’s a tangible representation of what your event is about and a wonderful opportunity for you to make an impression long before the actual event date.

With Canva on your side, you won’t have to hire a graphic designer to create your tickets. Browse through professionally-made ticket templates created by our amazing team of designers. Move or change design elements like images, icons, colors and fonts then share your brand new ticket design with the rest of the world to drum up even more excitement.

How to make a ticket

  1. Open Canva

    Open up Canva and search for "Ticket" to get started on your design.

  2. Choose a template

    Find ticket templates for every theme in Canva’s library of professionally-designed templates. When you find a template you like, just click on it to start designing.

  3. Explore features

    In Canva’s library you’ll find millions of icons, illustrations and stock images to choose from. Get creative and use the drag-and-drop tool to add elements to your page until you get the design that is perfect for you.

  4. Customize a bit more

    Ticket templates come with a front and back side to fill out. Keep tweaking your ticket design until it feels complete. Rearrange elements, resize icons, change the font style and even color scheme.

  5. Publish and share

    Download your ticket design or show it off on social media with just one click. Share it with your friends and colleagues using the collaboration tool.

Open a New Ticket Design

Have full control over your design

Canva’s amazingly simple drag and drop design tools give you full control over your design. Once you’ve chosen a ticket template to start with, you can customize everything from colors to fonts to images. Remove elements you don’t want or need or browse through Canva’s amazing media library filled with over a million images, illustrations and icons to add some more. Choose from over a hundred font types in Canva or change up colors by clicking on the color wheel tool. Experiment with more design tools and features to truly turn a template into your very own design.

Include your brand assets into your ticket design

If you’re holding a branded or company event, you’ll want to make sure everyone knows who organized it. Upload your logo into Canva then drag and drop it into your design. Ensure that your tickets reflect your brand palette through the color wheel tool. You can easily change an element into your brand colors by inputting a color hexcode into the box. Canva Pro users have the ability to create a “Brand Kit” which saves all their brand assets including logos, custom fonts and color palette, ready to be applied across all designs. Learn more about creating a Brand Kit here.

Collaborate with a team and show off your tickets

Work on your design projects with your team by giving them editing access. Just head over to the “Share” button, choose the dropdown menu to give edit or view access to anyone. Since Canva works on the cloud, your colleagues can edit your design from any desktop, laptop or even iPhone, iPad and Android device. Once you’re all happy with the design, download it as a high-res PDF file to be printed and distributed or upload it straight to your social media accounts to get the word out.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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