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Bring a classic look to your pictures with a black and white filter

The black and white filter removes the colors from your pictures, bringing a fresh perspective while preserving image quality.

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Apply a black and white filter to your pictures

It only takes one click to turn all your photos into black and white. The greyscale filter drains the colors from your images, leaving a dramatic effect and bringing a new focus to your images. Apply a black and white effect on images in any format, size, and dimension. You can adjust the intensity of the greyscale filter using the intensity slider.

Enhance your image

Don’t stop at the black and white image converter. You can improve your photo further using our photo editor. Intensify the black and white effect by adjusting the brightness and contrast via easy-to-use sliders. Crop and flip your greyscale image. Use the Auto Focus and Auto Enhance tools to retouch your image. If you’re on Pro, you can use the one-click Background Remover and Resize tools.

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Create black and white images for any purpose

Image quality is preserved as you change pictures to black and white on our online photo editor. Apply the greyscale filter for portraits, landscape shots, and even product photos. Establish a timeless appeal and exercise creative control over your images. Then, share your B&W photo online, upload it to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, or add it to your artistic portfolio.

How to make a picture black and white

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva and start any project on the design editor.
  2. Upload your photo
    Click Uploads on the left panel. Click Upload Media and choose a photo to turn into black and white. Once uploaded, drag and drop the image onto the layout.
  3. Apply the greyscale filter
    Click on the image, then select Edit Image on the tool bar. On the left panel, choose Filters, then select Greyscale. Adjust the filter intensity using the slider.
  4. Edit the photo as needed
    Apart from the black and white effect, you can crop, flip, and add text and other design elements from our media library. You can also explore our photo effects and filters.
  5. Download your image
    Download your image as a PNG or JPG file. Or share the photo directly via email or your social media accounts.
Convert your photo to B&W

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply our Greyscale filter to change your picture to black and white online. Start a design project on Canva and upload your picture. Click the photo, then click Edit image. Under Filters, select Greyscale.

When you apply a B&W filter, all the colors on the picture are converted to greyscale. It’s commonly used by photographers to create a classic, vintage effect. It evokes a nostalgic, dreamy mood and enhances the focus on the photo subject.

To reverse or remove the Greyscale filter, simply click the Undo icon on the menu bar. Alternatively, click Edit image, then under Filters, you’ll see the intensity slider for the Greyscale filter. Set the slider to 0 to bring the colors back to your photo.
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