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Add nostalgic charm to your photos with a vintage filter

Give your images that classic or retro vibe with Canva’s collection of vintage photo filters. Whether it’s a travel snap or a simple selfie, use our online photo editor to apply a striking vintage effect that lends a unique flair to your visuals.

Step back in time

Photos with vintage filters

Bring the timeless appeal of old-school imagery to your pictures with a cool vintage camera effect. Explore our collection of vintage-inspired filters and craft gorgeous images you'll be proud to share anywhere. Whether you're a content creator, brand, or simply love the old, retro look, apply a vintage filter online using Canva’s free photo editor(opens in a new tab or window) and turn your pictures into an instant classic.

Create drama and mood

Adjust the intensity of your vintage image

Add a layer of depth to your images with a photo vintage effect. Our image filters come with distinct hues and styles, so you can quickly achieve your desired look and feel. You can customize the intensity of each filter, giving you control over your visuals. From warm sepia tones to a heavy vignette(opens in a new tab or window), use an old photo filter from Canva to transform your ordinary image into a dramatic work of art.

Charming visuals for any project

Auto-adjust brightness of your vintage photo

Our intuitive editor has all the tools to produce stunning images for any design project. Infuse nostalgia with our vintage camera filter, then enhance your image(opens in a new tab or window) by retouching, changing the image background(opens in a new tab or window), and adding other graphic elements from our media library. Want to post aesthetic travel snaps on your feed or work vintage headshots into your portfolio? use our transparent image maker(opens in a new tab or window) once for free to fine-tune every detail of your image. Do them all and more with Canva’s powerful photo editor. Use Canva to convert PPTX to PDF(opens in a new tab or window) and keep the integrity of your creative work untouched.

How to get vintage photo effect

How to get vintage photo effect
Add vintage filter to photo

Open Canva on the app or your preferred web browser. Begin your design project by choosing a ready-made template or opening a blank layout.

Use the Uploads tab to upload the photo or collection of photos you want to edit with a free vintage filter. You can also pick from the millions of stock images available in our library.

Select your image, then click Edit Photo. Under Filters, select Vintage, and choose Vinto, Fade, or another vintage film filter. Afterward, you can drag the slider to your desired intensity.

Tweak your design further with our beginner-friendly tools. Add captions. in stylish fonts, play with various color schemes, and resize or crop your image. to the recommended aspect ratio.

Satisfied with the final outcome? Download your photo as a high-resolution JPG or PNG image output file or share it to your social media feeds right from the Canva editor.
Add vintage filter to photo

Frequently Asked Questions

A vintage photo filter is a digital filter that replicates the output of a film camera, adding an aged look and a nostalgic feel to images. Each vintage image filter has a different characteristic and style, but all add a layer of effects to a photo. It can create a faded look, add a vignette effect, or adjust the image brightness, among other things. A vintage filter adds depth and dimension to any photo.

You can achieve a vintage photo effect using design platforms like ours. Simply upload your photo to our online editor, then choose from the many available filters ranging from retro-inspired to cool and dreamy. You can also fine-tune the intensity level by dragging the Intensity slider—giving you free rein to edit your image to suit your artistic vision.

Once you’ve applied a vintage photo filter online, you can easily alter it by following the same steps in reverse. Select your edited image, then click Edit photo. Under Filters, select None, and your picture should automatically revert to its original appearance.
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