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Rotate videos to the right angle

Rotate videos with ease on any device. Upload your video to our online video rotator and rotate it to its side, turn it upside down, or tilt it to any angle. Rotate it horizontally or vertically to fit any screen.

Correct the video orientation

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Shot a video in the wrong orientation? No worries—you can correct it quickly on our video rotator. Simply rotate the video horizontally or vertically, all while preserving video quality. You can rotate a portrait or mobile video to a landscape format and vice versa. Our free online video rotator tool is perfect for all kinds of clips and footages.

Rotate a video to any angle

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Rotate any video sideways (90 degrees or 270 degrees) or turn it upside down (180 degrees). You can even tilt it to any angle, clockwise or counterclockwise, to create a whole new perspective on your video. And you can rotate a video file easily within seconds.

Enhance the video further

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After rotating the video, you can customize it further using our easy-to-use video editing tools(opens in a new tab or window) and free, extensive media library. Trim the video length(opens in a new tab or window), crop the frame(opens in a new tab or window), and add text(opens in a new tab or window). If you’re merging multiple clips, try out our video transitions(opens in a new tab or window). You can layer new audio tracks and add subtitles, too. Make sure your rotated video is finished with a professional polish.

How to rotate a video

How to rotate a video
Rotate a video

Open Canva and start a new video or mobile video project, depending on your desired video orientation. You can also enter custom video dimensions.

Upload the video that you want to rotate. The video file formats supported are MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, and MPEG. Then drag and drop your video file onto the project.

Click your video and find the rotate handle at the bottom or side of the video. Drag the rotate handle to rotate your video whichever way you prefer. As you tilt the video, a guide will appear to show you the exact angle you’re rotating to.

After rotating the video, you can resize it using the resize handles at the corners. Trim, crop, or use our video enhancer tools. Adjust the volume, add audio, and embellish your video with photos, illustrations, icons, or text. You can also merge the video with other clips.

Save the video as a high-quality MP4 file or share it directly to your social media platforms. You can also share your rotated video via email or send a watch link to your friends.
Rotate a video

Frequently Asked Questions

To rotate a video from portrait to landscape, start a blank landscape video project. Then, upload your portrait video and drag and drop it onto the landscape canvas. Click the video and drag the rotate handle 90 degrees (clockwise) or -90 degrees (counterclockwise) to flip it into a landscape orientation. Then, resize the video as needed and download it as a watermark-free MP4 file. Easy-peasy.

Download our app from the App Store or Google Play. Our mobile app features our free online video rotator tool, so you can quickly rotate videos from your phone gallery. You can also edit all kinds of videos on-the-go.

If you rotate a video 180 degrees, it means you’re turning it upside down. To do this, start a blank landscape or mobile video project, depending on your video’s orientation. Upload your video, drop it onto the canvas, then use the rotate handle to rotate it and flip it upside down. Once your video is rotated, save it in MP4 format.

Simply upload your videos, click rotate, and download as a watermark-free MP4 file. Our free video rotator tool doesn’t add any watermarks, even if you flip your clip, crop it, or add audio and other graphics.

Using our free video editor, you can crop and rotate videos in one place. Use the crop handles to crop the frame to the perfect size. Then, use the rotate handle to rotate. It doesn’t stop there—you can also flip the entire frame in a single click, add music tracks, insert stock videos and transitions, and more.
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